Hear straight from our graduates.

Erin Gale
Designer, Target

Sinead Murphy
Freelance Graphic Designer

Tiffany Yee
Designer, Forever 21

Braden Floris
Designer, GoFundMe

Alexis Waller
Art Director, Apple Inc.

Halah El Kholy
In-House Designer, Brew Tea Co

Tahmena Lutfi
Digital Designer, Qantas and Jetstar Hotels

Lindsay Koffler
Graphic Designer, Refinery29

Mark Osmond
Designer, Thumbs Up!

Liana Modolo
UX Designer, Rex Software

Greg Bemis
Creative, Nike

Kelly Hansen
Graphic Designer, Amazon Books

Alexander Wu-Kim
Digital Marketing Manager, Local Supply

Nicole Rogers
Designer, Birchbox

Dawn Moloney
Founder, A Making Life

Hamish Snow
Designer, Josephmark

Caroline Keefe
Freelance, Nickelodeon

Sophie Lord
Creative Director, Hello May

Ocki Magill
Founder, Letter Bug Studios

Andy Vargas
Designer, Bitâcora

Anika George
Designer, Nelson Cash

Moshe Bien
Designer, Nucleus

Crystal Lin
Designer, DNA Design

Stephen Grace
Designer, Christopher Doyle & Co.

Jing Ong
Designer, Autumn

Paul and Amoni Liddell
Graphic Designers, Westpac CX and Feel

Eleanor Rogers
Letterpress Printer, Chapel Press

Andy Tharagonnet
Designer, ThumbsUp

Erin Donati
Founder, Harley Quinn & Co.

Ben Peters
Freelance Graphic Designer

Brad Holten
Designer, Big Idea

Natalia Baker
Freelance Graphic Designer

Guy Pittard
Freelance Graphic Designer

Bea Sambalido
Freelance Graphic Designer

Oceane Combeau
Designer, Fernand et Firmin

Charly Tudor
Graphic Designer, Holdens

Anna Mullin
Illustrator, Sneaky Racoon

Theo Witrylak
Visual Designer, EPAM

Stephanie Antill
Freelance Graphic Designer & Stylist

Paul McKie and Myles Sharpe
Directors, Autumn

James Birks
Freelance Illustrator and Designer

Romayne Gadelrab
Freelance Graphic Designer

Janno Saft
Founder, frank wo

Roo Cassels
Designer, Big Fish

Cari Sekendur
Art Director, LMNOP Creative

Alexandra Menzies
Freelance Graphic Designer

Tim Jones
Brand Experience Director, venturethree

Carla Scotto
Designer, Future Squared

Meg Walker
Designer, Milkshake

Louise Hamer
Design Lead, We Are Empire

Ina Estrada
Founder, Par Vous Designs

Ulrika Johnson
Designer, Fantasia Accessories

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