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When you study at Shillington, you’re in good company.

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Shillington industry connections

We're connected with the best in the biz

Every Shillington class enjoys at least two industry guest lectures from leading graphic designers and creatives. People who 100% know what they’re talking about. These design experts share their work, philosophies and share invaluable advice with our aspiring students.

We’ve hosted some of the world’s top creatives, design studios and advertising agencies at Shillington:

Bob Gill, Interbrand, PentagramMoving Brands, BuildChristopher Doyle, Ustwo, The Company You Keep, Studio MorossGarbett Design, Kyle Bean, Dalton Maag, Josephmark, Holdens and UnderConsideration.

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Top designers make top teachers

In addition to our industry lecturers, all Shillington teachers are talented, practising graphic designers. With top-notch portfolios and extensive experience, they love sharing their passion for design.

Along with face-to-face instruction, our teacher’s varied and international expertise enhances curriculum and makes sure we keep a finger on the pulse of our fast-paced industry.

Outside the classroom, they connect us to the creative scene in each campus city. Shillington teachers use their network to recruit inspiring designers for guest lectures, bring students to local design events and frequently provide references for graduates on the job hunt.

Meet our teachers

I can’t speak highly enough of the Shillington graduates we have worked with. The creative, communication and planning processes they have evidently been taught, always leads to brilliant work.

Ben Moss
Partner at Dirt & Glory Media

Industry Connection
Christopher Doyle & Co.

Shillington graduates come out armed with not only technical ability but also an understanding of project process.

Industry connections

Fernand et Firmin

I was looking for a short course that would boost my confidence. Shillington was the perfect match.

Meet our graduates

Shillington graduates in the working world

Shillington graduates land in-demand jobs at design studios, advertising agencies and in-house at big companies. Take a look at some of the major names here—these are designer’s dream jobs!

Some graduates even use their newfound skills to start their own businesses. There’s no telling where upskilling in design can take you.

Graduate testimonials

We’ve always had so much success working with Shillington graduates, in fact we hired three this summer! The quality and talent of their students is very high, but one of the things that we find fantastic is how Shillington prepares them for the real working world. On their course, they learn in a fast and intensive way which translates so well with working in a vibrant, high-pressured agency like ours.

Aimee Stapleton
Recruitment and Talent Development Manager, Havas

Do you help graduates get jobs?

Course Outcomes

Do you help graduates get jobs?

We encourage students to tackle their job hunt independently, but provide assistance along the way. During the course we make sure students are confident presenting their portfolio for future interviews. Students who give 100% to their studies are in an excellent position to land their first design job. We have a Jobs Board for employers seeking Shillington graduates and frequently share career advice on the blog.


Do employers want graduates to have a diploma or degree?

Course Outcomes

Do employers want graduates to have a diploma or degree?

When employing a graphic designer, most employers will look at your portfolio before they look at your qualifications. Your portfolio shows the quality of your work, level of technical skill and your practical knowledge more than a certificate can. For more, read Checklist to Become an Employable Graphic Designer and What Creative Recruiters Really Think of Shillington Graduates on the blog.


What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Course Outcomes

What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Shillington prepares you for a wide variety of creative careers. Upskilling in design helps you put your best foot forward on the job hunt. You could work in digital design like Louise at either a small or large agency, focus on publishing like Kelly or packaging like at a boutique studio like Roo. There’s even opportunities to take on freelance clients or even build your own business like Ina. The list is endless! Learn more about potential design careers in What is Graphic Design? or scroll through our graduates’ profiles on LinkedIn.


Do you have connections in the design industry?

Course Outcomes

Do you have connections in the design industry?

Yes. All of our teachers are practising graphic designers and we regularly welcome industry guest lecturers to share insights and experience. Check out industry connections and our Industry Interviews on the blog.


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