Terms and Conditions

Updated: May 2024

Shillington United Kingdom terms and conditions will apply to all enrolments for our online courses.

Please note that enrolling for one of our online courses creates a contract with Shillington Online Education Limited company number 15021150, registered in England and Wales. The law of the United Kingdom will, therefore, have jurisdiction over all contractual matters as they relate to our online courses.

The start of the contract

*In these terms and conditions, Shillington Online Education Limited will be referred to as “Shillington”.
Upon email receipt of the Student’s confirmation of enrolment, a legally binding enrolment contract is enacted between the Student and Shillington. The Student will be deemed to have received the Confirmation of Enrolment on the date on which the email attaching it is sent, if sent on a working day prior to 5pm. If sent after 5pm or on a non-working day, it will be the next working day.
It is the student’s responsibility to have access to high-speed internet throughout the duration of the course.
All students are required to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma programs and a computer that supports these programs outside of the classroom, for the duration of the course.

Course fees

All deposits must be paid via our website, which uses Stripe to process payments. Thereafter payment may be paid in full or by instalments by bank transfer or via the monthly link that will be emailed to you each month. Upon enrolment, Shillington’s Finance Team can clarify any payment questions you may have.

  • The Student will receive an email welcome letter from the Shillington UK Finance Team before the commencement of the course confirming the exact amounts and dates of the payments the Student will be required to make.
  • Course fees must be paid in accordance with the payment plan selected for the course applied. Students will be sent an updated statement of account every time a payment is received.
  • Late monthly payments by the Student will result in a temporary loss of access to Shillington’s learning environments.
  • Where extra bank charges to Shillington are incurred by the Student’s chosen mode of payment, these shall be the liability of the Student to pay.
  • Students will not receive access to Shillington’s learning platforms (Slack, and Canvas) until their first course fee instalment has been received by Shillington.

Additional costs

Additional costs for equipment and other resources required for the course shall be paid for by The Student. The Online Student Handbook, sent with the Confirmation of Enrolment, sets out the equipment and other resources required.

Refund Policy

Cancellation by either party within 14 days of enrolment

Either 1 or 2 below will apply:

  1. A full refund of what you have paid if the date of cancellation is before the course start date
  2. A full refund of what you have paid less an administration charge of £250.00 if the cancellation date is after the course start date.

Cancellation after 14 days since enrolment

Withdrawal by the student:

Students are liable for all course fees calculated on a time basis up to the halfway point of course delivery. After the halfway point has passed the student is liable for the entire course fee.

Example 1:

Course fee: £10,000 for a 12 week course. Student withdraws after completion of week 6 and is therefore liable for fees of £5,000 plus an administration fee of £250

Student has already paid £6,000.

Refund due: £750.

Example 2:

Course fee: £10,000 for a 12 week course. Student withdraws after completion of week 9 and is therefore liable for the full course fee of £10,000. As the full course fee is payable in this example no administration fee is levied.

Student has already paid £9,000.

Amount Remaining Payable: £1,000.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student wishes to withdraw from the course, the student must first arrange a Zoom meeting with the Experience Team or Director of Teaching, before submitting a written request for withdrawal.

All requests for withdrawal must be made, in writing, to the Experience Team, who will respond to the students’ request within one week. You are not officially withdrawn until your request has been acknowledged, in writing, by Shillington.

Cancellation by Shillington

Shillington reserves the right to cancel courses for whatever reason before the date a course is due to commence. In these circumstances, a full refund of all monies paid in respect of fees for the course will be refunded.

  • Shillington cannot be held liable for any consequential loss, damage or compensation arising from the cancellation.
  • Any refunds of international payments attract additional administration costs and exchange rate fluctuations, for which Shillington accepts no liability.
  • Any financial losses suffered by a student as a result of the cancellation by Shillington of a course shall be borne by the student. Shillington accepts no liability for consequential losses.
  • Shillington reserves the right to refuse or withdraw an application, cancel an accepted place on the course and terminate the Student’s enrolment agreement and the Student’s enrolment, for any of the following reasons:
    a) If the Student has not paid any course fees by the date they are due.
    b) If Shillington believes that the student’s standard of English is not sufficient to maintain a full understanding of the course contents.
    c) If the Student’s attendance falls below 95% of classes in any one month period without pre-authorisation from Shillington.
    d) If Shillington believes that the Student’s learning environment and/or internet connection is insufficient.
    e) If the student is found to have committed a serious breach, or repeated breaches, of Shillington Online Terms & Conditions or Student Code of Conduct.
  • Full liability for all course fees remains in the event of a cancellation under (a) to (e) above.

Attendance and punctuality policy

Students must attend a minimum of 95% of classes. If attendance is less than 95% students may not be awarded a certificate and may not be featured on Shillington’s Graduate Showcase or graduate.

  • Full-Time Online students must not miss any more than 4 days of classes to be awarded a certificate.
  • Part-Time Online students must not miss any more than 9 classes to be awarded a certificate.
  • If a doctor’s certificate is provided, a student’s attendance record will not be affected by valid sick days.
  • Any long-term sickness (exceeding 9 or 4 classes) will need to be discussed with the student’s class nominated Shillington Experience Team or Director of Teaching.
  • Being late to class is not acceptable. If students arrive online within fifteen minutes of a class starting they will be recorded as missing half a class. If they arrive any later than fifteen minutes they will be recorded as missing a full class. This rule is enforced after break times & lunch, and it is due to the amount of content delivered.
  • It is your responsibility to discuss any attendance issues with your teacher, Experience Team member or Director of Teaching. Students who are in jeopardy of failing the course due to poor attendance will receive written warnings from their nominated Experience Team member until a probation period is enforced.

Course transfers

The Student may request a course transfer before course commencement. Requests must be made by email to Shillington (online@shillingtoneducation.com).

  • Prior to a course commencing, should a student wish to transfer to another course in the future, Shillington will only permit this should there be availability on the first day of term.
  • Once a course has commenced, a course transfer will only be permitted under extenuating circumstances, at the absolute discretion of Shillington.
  • Should a course transfer be permitted—the student will remain on the original payment plan as agreed.


Students must email Shillington (online@shillingtoneducation.com) as to any changes to their personal details including email address, telephone number and residential address.

License agreement

Any student work undertaken while studying at Shillington may be reproduced and used by Shillington in promotional material throughout the world. Including, but not limited to print, advertisements, website and social media.

  • The student agrees to grant Shillington the non-exclusive right by way of license for this with or without attribution to the student.

The student may opt-out of this license agreement by emailing Shillington (online@shillingtoneducation.com)

Data protection

Shillington UK is registered with the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office under reference ZA259781 and is fully compliant with The General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”).