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College isn’t the only way. Consider our NYC graphic design bootcamp!


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Study for 3 months in New York and become a graphic designer

Award-winning graphic design course. Amazing career results. All in New York City. What more could you ask for?

Curious about an alternative to traditional design schools and colleges? There’s more than one way to launch a successful creative career! Shillington’s innovative approach means students achieve amazing results in a seriously short amount of time—only 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time.

We create an inspirational learning environment where design students learn real and relevant skills from practicing designers, including design theory, typography, branding, packaging, mobile app design and user experience.

  • No experience necessary. Seriously. You don’t need to interview or submit a portfolio. We only require passion for design and 100% dedication to the course.
  • Land your dream job! Shillington students get hired at top design studios, work for major brands and start their own businesses. Thanks to our industry connections and resources, you’ll graduate confident for the job hunt.
  • Create a jaw-dropping design portfolio. Our award-winning student work speaks for itself. Scroll through hundreds of digital, print and packaging projects, created in only 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time.
  • 100% face-to-face learning. We offer a fast, intensive course to prepare you for the working world. We mix design theory and practice together so your brain is trained to think like a designer from day one. Become a technical and practical problem-solver, ready for today and tomorrow’s real-world challenges.

Dreaming beyond America? Check out your visa options to study in Australia, the conversion rate may pleasantly surprise you.

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I didn’t want a traditional college experience, I wanted something as practical and real-life as possible. Shillington teaches by doing, and I really believe that is the best way.

Emily Campos
Shillington Graduate and UX Designer at Wix

Checklist to become an employable graphic designer

Newsflash! You don’t need a university degree to build an amazing career in design. In the design world, employability is all about your graphic design portfolio, your proficiency, your process and your persistence.

At Shillington, we train all types of people with little to no design experience to become graphic designers in only 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time. Our students upskill, graduate with an industry-relevant graphic design portfolio and land desirable graphic design jobs. Sound too good to be true? Go through this checklist and decide for yourself! We’ve been perfecting our approach since 1997, and our student work speaks for itself. As Bianca Mancini, recruiter at The Creative Store shares, “we are very impressed with how much good quality work Shillington students produce in such a short amount of time”.

So, what do you definitely need to get a career in design? Read our complete checklist, supported with quotes by creative recruiters from around the world.

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Love travelling and design?

Study graphic design abroad!

Is 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time really long enough to learn design?

Graphic Design Course

Is 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time really long enough to learn design?

Absolutely. Our student work speaks for itself and Shillington graduates build incredible creative careers. Our graphic design course is expertly planned to teach technical skills, cover design theory and ingrain creative principles to help you create a well-rounded portfolio. Read more on the blog in Learn Graphic Design Fast or Fast, Good or Cheap. And if you want to hear it straight from our graduates, check out 21 Unbiased Shillington Reviews.


What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Course Outcomes

What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Shillington prepares you for a wide variety of creative careers. Upskilling in design helps you put your best foot forward on the job hunt. You could work in digital design like Louise at either a small or large agency, focus on publishing like Kelly or packaging like at a boutique studio like Roo. There’s even opportunities to take on freelance clients or even build your own business like Ina. The list is endless! Learn more about potential design careers in What is Graphic Design? or scroll through our graduates’ profiles on LinkedIn.


Will accommodation be provided to students?


Will accommodation be provided to students?

We don’t provide student housing, but in New York we recommend researching options on Airbnb, Craigslist, 92Y Residence, EHS Student Living, Behomm and Homestay.


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