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Learn Graphic Design at Shillington.

At Shillington, we do graphic design education differently.

What makes our graphic design course different?

Our graphic design bootcamp creates a positive and inspirational learning environment, teaching relevant industry skills to prepare our graduates for creative success and career growth—with no previous design experience required. Our students graduate in as a little as three months, so they can get into the industry and start earning faster.

Real-Time Graphic Design Classes

Our classes run to mimic a studio environment—you’ll work in real time on briefs, deadlines and feedback with your peers as if you were working in an actual design studio.

As a student, you’re not just another number at Shillington; we are invested in your learning. Get to know and work alongside your teachers and peers to create your own creative community.

Our teachers are all practicing, inspirational designers who care about your success—you’ll spend more 1:1 time with them than at university or a pre-recorded online course.

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Progressive & Industry Relevant Teaching

Every student leaves our course with an incredible industry-ready graphic design portfolio—you don’t need a degree to be a designer, the industry just wants you to be technically proficient and able to conceptualise and execute your design thinking. 

Our course is progressive and constantly evolving to teach relevant skills and stay up to speed with the industry—you’ll leave with skills that reflect industry and hiring needs. 

Our course is practical and hands-on—you’ll work on creative briefs from the very beginning, applying learnt knowledge immediately.

Our dedicated online handbook The Guide features complete lecture and demo notes from across our course, animated case studies, industry insight and more—you’ll have exclusive access as a student and graduate.

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Our Graduate Success

Our graphic design course is fast. In just three months full-time or nine months part-time—you’ll be working in the industry and earning money before university courses have even got through introductions.

Shillington graduates are some of the most employable graduates in the industry—you’ll join our incredible Shillumni community with access to a huge global network of industry connections.

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Discover your study options

We believe that everyone should be able to study graphic design, so we offer three different options for our graphic design course so you can pick the best option for you: 

Online Full-Time: 3 months, 5 days a week

Online Part-Time: 9 months, 3 live classes a week

On Campus Full-Time: 3 months, 5 days a week

On Campus Part-Time: 9 months, 3 nights or 1 Sunday* a week

No matter which course you choose, each offers a total of 590 study hours across live classroom learning and independent study.

*London only

Qualifications are non-transferable between courses and campuses.

Online course graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion, create an industry-ready portfolio and get exclusive access to The Guide.

New York on campus graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion, create an industry-ready portfolio and get exclusive access to The Guide. We are licensed by the New York State Education Department.

London on campus graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion, create an industry-ready portfolio and get exclusive access to The Guide. We are not educationally accredited, but teach a commercially-driven portfolio course which prepares you for working in the design industry.

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Should I study online or on campus?

Whether you study on campus or take our graphic design course online, the processes and outcomes are the same. You’ll learn the same industry-focused curriculum from our talented teachers and graduate with an industry ready portfolio.

So, how you choose to study is up to you:


Live online teaching with all lectures, demos, briefs and critiques delivered on Zoom during class and additional study materials provided outside of class. 

9:1 student to teacher ratio.

On Campus: New York and London 

Immersive learning with all lectures, demos, briefs and critiques delivered during class and access to our campus facilities. 

12:1 student to teacher ratio.

Should I study full-time or part-time?

Our graphic design course is the same across full-time and part-time and graduates leave either with high quality graphic design portfolios. It’s just about how you want to get there.

Full-Time: 3 months, 5 days a week.

Commit yourself 100% to design for three months and start your creative career as quickly as possible. 

Part-Time: 9 months, 3 live classes a week (online) or 3 evenings/1 Sunday* a week (on campus).

Study design without quitting your job and manage your own study time before embarking on your creative career.

*London only

See our upcoming online course dates

See our upcoming on campus course dates

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What Will I Learn On the Graphic Design Course?

Shillington’s graphic design course equips you with all the practical tools and technical knowledge to become a graphic designer. Here’s a brief overview of some of the things you’ll learn on the course:

Design Theory

We teach design theory to make sure our graduates have the proper groundwork to create successful designs with substance.

Design Principles

 Learn the five most important things in any design outcome; balance, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, alignment.

Design Thinking

Learn how to research, test and problem solve to create relevant design solutions that meet user needs.

Design Fundamentals

Typography, typesetting, grids, colour theory and more!

Design Programs

We comprehensively cover Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma—the essential, industry standard programs for graphic designers:


A publishing and page layout program to design multi-page documents.


A vector design program to create freely scalable artwork and illustrations.


An image manipulation program for any editing or compositional needs.


A digital design (UI and UX) application for vector design and prototyping.

Remote Working

Shillington students are taught how to productively work remotely so they’re able to use these essential skills when they join the industry.

Hands-On Design Experience

During the course, Shillington students work on 25+ briefs to engage and practice their newly learned skills. Past examples include:

  • Packaging design for a boutique product
  • UI & UX design for a bike rental app
  • Creating a brand system for a new hotel
  • Editorial design for a travel magazine

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Want more details?

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Should I study full-time or part-time?


Should I study full-time or part-time?

Totally up to you! It depends on your availability and learning style. Full-time is an immersive 3 months (Monday to Friday, 8:00am—5:00pm). Part-time is 9 months, there are three options: Online three nights a week, In person two nights a week or Sundays (London only), and a good fit for students who work full-time or have other major commitments. But apart from the duration, the full-time and part-time curriculum is identical—students create the same high quality work and get similar jobs after graduation.


How much does a Shillington graphic design course cost?

Fees & Payments

How much does a Shillington graphic design course cost?

Course fees vary between our six international campuses. Visit course dates and fees to learn more.

Love travel and design? Consider studying abroad! Check your exchange rate and visa options—significant financial savings are possible depending on your currency.


I’ve already worked or trained as a designer. Is Shillington right for me?


I’ve already worked or trained as a designer. Is Shillington right for me?

Our graphic design course is ideal for current creatives to revive software skills and enhance their understanding of the design fundamentals. If your software skills are self-taught, we’ll teach you how to work smoothly and efficiently across the Adobe Creative Suite. Or if your current portfolio isn’t up-to-scratch, we’ll help you craft a collection of your best work, showcasing an ability to work across a wide range of briefs. Meet 20 Inspiring Designers Who Studied at Shillington After Creative Degrees or Diplomas.


Is 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time really long enough to learn design?

Graphic Design Course

Is 3 months full-time or 9 months part-time really long enough to learn design?

Absolutely. Our student work speaks for itself and Shillington graduates build incredible creative careers. Our graphic design course is expertly planned to teach technical skills, cover design theory and ingrain creative principles to help you create a well-rounded portfolio. Read more on the blog in Learn Graphic Design Fast or Fast, Good or Cheap. And if you want to hear it straight from our graduates, check out 21 Unbiased Shillington Reviews.


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