Dahlia Ishak

Part-time Graphic Design Teacher

Following 15 years of experience as an Art Director, Designer and Owner/Operator of multiple hospitality businesses across Australia & Canada, Dahlia founded Public House—a branding agency in 2020. The studio launched as an initiative to support local hospitality shops in response to closures, and has since grown to serve local and national clients in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Events and Start-up sectors. Dahlia is passionate about creating memorable brands with personality that foster community and connection. Her work has been awarded and published in various media including The Dieline, Applied Arts, Pentawards, Monocle Magazine, and Fast Company.


"I love that everyone can connect to design and creativity in their own personal way. There is no one path for everyone, and that is the most exciting part of teaching for me. It’s so special witnessing students become supercharged as they uncover their own path and connect to their skills."


"I’m always amazed how these new skills gets mixed with their previous experiences and interests to unlock so many unexpected opportunities and new life paths. It’s always an adventure, and it’s very inspiring being a small part of this journey. I am so thankful for teachers, mentors, speakers and those who are generous with sharing their knowledge, and want to give back where I can."