Shillo Stories: Orion Currier


May 18, 2024

Orion graduated from Shillington in New York a few years ago. He's since worked at various design agencies in Paris, and most recently dipped into the web3 world joining Consensys. Let's see what he's been up to lately.

Inspiring me

Thylacine, a French musician and composer. I went to one of his concerts for the first time this year and was absolutely flabbergasted by the performance. He would do a live set with an entire orchestra, also playing some instruments himself and adding them to the mix.

I think it transposes really well to the way we can design nowadays, sometimes mixing all kinds of media (3D, craft, AI, photography, illustration) to create an astonishing piece of work.

and 74 musicians by Thylacine

On reflection

One amazing project that I feel really helped me grow as a designer was designing a typeface, Minotaure, while I was working at Frénésie in Paris. I think a font can really make or break a design, but I had never actually created one and this made me feel almost like an impostor. I'm still no type designer but I think this elevated my design skills and forced me to understand the ins and outs of type.

Minotaure is an extra bold and wide sans serif font with very small letter spacing and thin indents, inspired by greek mythology, and I'm very proud of the result. Even though it's all caps it took me forever to polish the finishing touches. Maybe one day I'll make another one, but I shall rest for now...

What's cooking?

Currently I'm working on a Hackathon brand identity, but that's still work in progress! In the meantime, here's my latest project at Consensys – I worked on their presence at a major event, ETHDenver 2024.

I had to come up with a visual direction for one of their product campaigns, while keeping it "on brand". So I kept the brand's core colours and assets but made them live within a flat grid system inspired by Ty Dale. I really had fun bringing this direction to life, illustrating and adapting it for different media.

Thanks for reading! Check out Orion's website & Instagram.

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