Shillo Stories: Boo Bruce-Smith


Dec 21, 2023

Boo is a graphic designer and illustrator based in South London. She graduated Shillington in December 2023.

Inspiring me

It feels only right to shout out the talented Italian photographer, Ciro Pipoli who very kindly let me use his work in my rebranding project for Shillington. His photos capture life in Naples with depth, warmth and undeniable Italian-ness. If you don’t feel like you’re in Italy while looking at his work you’ll be wishing you were.

Photo credit: Ciro Pipoli
credit: Ciro Pipoli

On reflection

Oooh, so many moments I could share but one that re-emerges often was early doors when my teacher told me to take emotion out of my design decisions. As a double Virgo, fuelled by emotions, this was challenging. However, it liberated my approach. I now thrive on analysing my designs objectively and eliminating choices to uncover the one that answers the brief best.

What's cooking?

Having just cooked up my Shillington portfolio I’m now hungry for more! I'm currently working on my next article for the Marie Claire Sex and Relationships column and have a very exciting collaboration underway as we speak…give me a few more months and all will be revealed. In the meantime, please enjoy one of my recent projects, Denay.

Thanks for reading. Check out Boo's portfolio.

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