7 reasons to enrol in Shillington's Online Graphic Design Course


Jun 21, 2024

Your first thought might be “So what? There’s loads of online courses already”, but the Shillington Online Course is different. Really different.

Let us explain why it’s different from the other online courses delivered by the likes of Skillshare, Lynda/LinkedIn Learning, Thinkful, Career Foundry, General Assembly, Bloc and Design Lab to name a few.

No Experience Required

To start from the beginning, literally, the Shillington Online Course will start from the base up. Even if you’ve never opened the Adobe programs, then you’ve got nothing to worry about—our teachers will teach you the basics from the very start. But, what if you have opened the Adobe programs? That’s fine too. The fast-paced nature of the Shillington Online Course won’t leave you feeling like you’re dragging your heels.


We think one of the most beautiful things about the Shillington Online Course is the interactive instruction that will start on day one of the course and continue across three days a week.

Unlike other courses, your lectures, demonstrations, briefs and critiques will be delivered live during class time—straight from your teachers to you.

On top of this, your teachers, who are all practising industry professionals, will also be right there if you need for any technical help. Oh, and we didn’t mention, there’s 12 students to 1 teacher so you’ll get to know your teachers on a personal level too—they’ll be teaching from their studios and homes into yours after all!


Another thing that comes with the Shillington Online Course is student accountability. You have to make time in your day for the online course. Deadlines, participation and attendance are down to you. Just like they would be in the real world—as, after all, this is what we’re trying to prepare you for.

We not only want to teach our students how to design, we want to teach them how to value their time whilst designing. You won’t find this on other courses.

As the course is delivered live and you’ll work on briefs in real time during class, you’ll be able to collaborate with your fellow students. You’ll do group research and work with people around the world, bringing in new perspectives and cultures. This opportunity is something that won’t be found in other online courses and the effect it will have on your work is indescribable. Of course, in addition to this, you’ll also get the chance to meet, socialise and network with people around the world—all of who are in the same boat as you. We think that’s pretty great.

Real World Application

We operate like a remote design studio. Briefs will be delivered live to you by the client (your teachers) and you’ll have to hit deadlines to keep them happy! You’ll also be taught how to use the programs as if you were a real world, practicing designer.

You will also finish the course with your very own polished, professional graphic design portfolio.

As soon as you graduate from the Online Course, you’ll be able to go out and work as a designer anywhere in the world. Show us another online course that lets you do that!

As well as getting you ready for the industry, we’ll also be bringing the industry to you. What does this mean? We bring members of the design industry into the classroom as Guest Lectures. You won’t be getting this direct industry insight for any of our other online competitors.

At the end of the course, you’ll also be able to have an interview with a designer, creative director or other professional from the industry. They’ll talk you through your portfolio and get you ready for interviewing for real! The only other course that can match that is Skillshare.

Global Time Zones

Finally, the Shillington Online Course runs across 4 different time zones. As a result, you can study on the Shillington Online Course from pretty much anywhere in the world. Warsaw, Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona, Atlanta, Portland, Toronto… the list goes on. This means there will be a huge variety of different nationalities and people on the same course—making for an amazingly diverse class.

Sound good to you? Enrol now for our next Online Course—we can’t wait to welcome you.