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My most favorite thing about teaching is to see a sparkle in the face of a student when they realized they can do something new.

Graphic Design Teacher
New York

Thiago Eichner

Thiago Eichner is a graphic designer and visual storyteller originally from Brazil with experience working in print, marketing and environmental design. He received a BA in Visual Arts Management and Exhibition Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Apart from design, he’s also worked as a fashion stylist, DJ, nightlife promoter and visual merchandiser. His passion lies in discovering and cultivating human connections, inclusive design and conceptual work.

What do you love about design?

I am fascinated with how design plays an essential role in life, creating connections between ideas and people. These connections can be very impactful and transformative, changing what people believe and how they act. Therefore, design is full of memory. And I love that!

Why do you teach?

My most favorite thing about teaching is to see a sparkle in the face of a student when they realized they can do something new. And the best part is that—in some capacity—you can always learn something else in return. It’s total reciprocity.

Tell us about your design career outside of Shillington.

While living in my home country Brazil, I studied Communications and went to work on a bunch of different things: fashion stylist, DJ, nightlife promoter, until I found myself working as a visual merchandiser for about 5 years. I then moved to NYC and joined the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program at FIT. After graduating, I interned at GB65 (an integrated creative agency that specializes in the worlds of fashion, luxury, retail, lifestyle and entertainment) and at a couple of museums in the city. I then received an opportunity to collaborate with one of my professors designing a manual about the planning and implementation of wayfinding systems. These opportunities opened many doors and I started grabbing freelance design projects from the most different industries, which suited my multifaceted interest. More recently, I spent a couple of years working as a Design Director, first for The Juilliard School and later for a media group—and these really solidified my skills as a brand guardian.

What or who are you loving right now?

Everything design anthropologist Dori Tunstall has to share. I also love keeping an eye on the work La Tigre Studio (Milan) and Isometric Studio (NYC) are producing—super inspiring!

If you were a typeface, what would you be?

I like to think I would be a modernist classic like Futura.

What’s your favourite blog?

Brand New, a division of UnderConsideration, “chronicling and providing opinions on corporate and brand identity work”. I also find a lot of inspiration on Dezeen.

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Founder, Global

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CEO, Global

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Director, Australia

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Director of Operations, Global

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Head of Course Content, Global

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Head of Online, Global

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Head, New York

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Head, United Kingdom

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Head of Experience, Global

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Experience Manager, United States

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Experience Manager, Australia

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Head of Marketing—Mat Leave, Global

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Marketing & Communications Specialist, Global

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Marketing & Communications Assistant, Australia

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Lead Teacher, United Kingdom

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Lead Teacher, New York

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Lead Teacher, Online

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Graphic Design Teacher, Brisbane

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Course Content Creator, Global

Shrenik Ganatra
Course Content Creator & Teacher, New York

Annette Dennis
Lead Teacher, Online

Rich Tucker
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Spencer Harrison
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Amy Prus
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Maja Cule
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Andy Judd
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Wayne Smith
Graphic Design Teacher, Melbourne

Dan Wilson
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Justin Carey
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Adam Busby
Graphic Design Teacher, Brisbane

Marssaié Jordan
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Bonnie Eichelberger
Graphic Design Teacher, Melbourne

Dave Bird
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Alessia Mazzarella
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Hilary Archer
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Laura Moore
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Tina Victoria Afshar
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Mitch Reyes
Graphic Design Teacher, Brisbane

Olivia Chen
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney

Mags Straatman
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Elena Passeggi
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Anastasia Lihou
Graphic Design Teacher, Brisbane

Sam Jacobs
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Rachel Broaders
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Missy Dempsey
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney

Alexandra Lunn
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Benny Hinman
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney

Tim King
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney

Kym Rohman
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Céline Bouichou
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Thiago Eichner
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Rony Mikhael
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Tessa Canon
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Nathan Millard
Graphic Design Teacher, Melbourne

Jaimee-Lee Field
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney

Emily Comfort
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

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