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I love the vast range of possibilities a creative project presents. The process of finding your voice as a creative and experimentation is an exciting journey.

Course Advisor

Dina Shirin

Dina is originally from Latvia and has been living in New York since 1991. She has worked in various content, creative production and marketing roles in industries ranging from publishing to education and photography. Prior to her role as a Course Advisor, she worked as a Marketing Lead at Shillington and is a Shillumni from 2014.

Outside of work, Dina enjoys going on adventures, exploring cities near and far, going to art shows and spending time in nature.

She is also an active member of a New York-based photography collective and has exhibited with the group throughout the years, and dedicates her free time to self-initiated fine art photo projects.

What do you love about design?

I love how design is an integral part of our everyday lives, functional and transformational. Design has the power to inspire and impact how something is perceived. Design offers endless possibilities and I enjoy seeing multiple creative explorations and solutions to a brief.

Why do you enjoy working in design education?

The best part of working at a design school is witnessing how the course can transform the students life, giving them an opportunity to start over again in their career. I am forever inspired by the students, seeing their growth and boundless creativity as a designer. Shillington is a supportive and nurturing environment for students to learn, connect with peers and teachers, becoming immersed in a new creative community.

What keeps you busy outside of Shillington?

Outside of Shillington, I enjoy exploring all the wonderful things New York City has to offer—discovering new places to eat, performances and art shows. There’s always an abundance to see and do in this city. I also like getting out of town for some hiking, biking and getaways to the mountains.

What or who are you loving right now?

I absolutely loved the Netflix docuseries High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America. I learned so much about the foundation of American cooking from the chef and writer Stephen Satterfield as he takes viewers to Benin, Africa and to the Southern states in the US. Satterfield also hosts a great podcast about food called Point of Origin and is the founder of the food magazine Whetstone.

If you were a typeface, what would you be?

I adore the Italian fonts from the art deco period ranging from signage to packaging and advertising posters you’d see from the 1930’s. I’d choose Mostra Nuova because it’s timeless and elegant.

What’s your favourite blog?

So many! I enjoy The Great Discontent, Feature Shoot, AnOther, Aperture, and It’s Nice That.

Andrew Shillington
Founder, Global

Anthony Wood
CEO, Global

Clare Terry
Director, Australia

Natalia Zuluaga
Director of Operations, Global

John Palowski
Head of Course Content, Global

Chris Norman
Head, Online

Cathy Sison
Head, New York

Jack Trotman
Head, United Kingdom

Sara Mazzoni
Head of Marketing & Communications, Global

Laura Carrick
Marketing & Communications Specialist, Global

Clay Allison
Head of Experience, Global

Nick Smith
Course Content Creator, Global

Shrenik Ganatra
Course Content Creator & Teacher, New York

Nicki Vleisides
Lead Course Advisor, Global

Dina Shirin
Course Advisor, Global

Oli Stevenson
Marketing & Copywriting Lead, Global

Tia Ajala
Marketing & Communications Assistant, Global

Alex Daley
Experience Lead, Northern Hemisphere

Andy Dion
Experience Assistant, New York

Kim Melvin
Lead Teacher, New York

Tessa Canon
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Justin Carey
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Laura Moore
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Anna Meyer
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Sam Jacobs
Graphic Design Teacher, New York

Meg Bathard
Experience Assistant, London

Kym Rohman
Lead Teacher, London

George Simkin
Lead Teacher, London

Dan Wilson
Teacher & Special Projects, London

Mags Straatman
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Céline Bouichou
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Tina Victoria Afshar
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Rich Tucker
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Alessia Mazzarella
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Marco Invernizzi
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Claudia Rivera
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Ben Anthony
Graphic Design Teacher, London

Ella Shillington
Experience Lead, Southern Hemisphere

Jaimee-Lee Field
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney/Warrang

Michelle Smalley
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney/Warrang

Olivia Chen
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney/Warrang

Micke Lindebergh
Graphic Design Teacher, Sydney/Warrang

Nathan Millard
Graphic Design Teacher, Melbourne/Naarm

Thiago Eichner
Lead Teacher, Online

Annette Dennis
Lead Teacher, Online

Elena Passeggi
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Dave Bird
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Amy Prus
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Hilary Archer
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Femi Coppi
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Emily Comfort
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Dahlia Ishak
Lead Teacher, Online

Sarah Napier
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Andrea Osojnik
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Lucy Kirkwood
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Spencer Harrison
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Nick Bailey
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Adam Busby
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Mitch Reyes
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

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