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Shillington truly gives you the experience of working in a studio, the pressure, the deadlines, the creative energy. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Enviromental Designer at Sundance Film Festival

Laura Welch

Back in 2017 you moved to London to study at Shillington. Why Shillington? What made our course stand out?

In my early 30’s I felt very frustrated in my career. I had studied communications for my undergrad but after working professionally in the creative industry for 10 years I hadn’t ended up where I wanted job-wise. I knew if I was going to shift focus I would have to go back to school and specialize in something, but I didn’t feel like I had the luxury of time. I couldn’t afford to take 2-4 years off to get another degree. I always wanted to spend time in Europe so I decided I might as well go abroad if I was making a big life change. After looking over tons of design programs— from fashion to architecture—and visiting many cities I’d always fantasized about moving to, I realized that graphic design was really the one thing that translated into all those worlds. My prior work history taught me that on-the-job experience is almost always more valuable than theoretical experience so I wanted a program that ran like a true studio. Somewhere that taught me a skill, helped me practice it and, in the end, provided me with a real portfolio that would help me land jobs. The portfolios I saw coming out of Shillington were by far the most impressive and once I had the chance to visit the London campus and attend an Info Session I was sold.

You’re originally from Portland, Oregon. What made you decide to move to London?

London has always been one of my favorite places in the world so it was really a no brainer for me. I hope to live there permanently one day so going to school there seemed like a good start.

What did you make of London? Would you recommend it to other students who are looking to study abroad?

One million percent yes! London is hands down the best. It’s inspiring, the museums are free and they have the best accents! What’s not to love?

What did you make of the course? You were working as a Art Director beforehand, how did it build your skill set?

The course was everything I hoped it would be. It is extremely practical, it’s constantly evolving based on what the real-time design needs within the industry are and it’s taught in such a safe, fun and challenging environment. It truly gives you the experience of working in a studio, the pressure, the deadlines, the creative energy. I can’t say enough good things about it. I was an art director at a photography studio previously so it’s a very different type of work. The course built my skill set by drilling into me the tenants of design thinking, helping me to truly build meaning into what I create and teaching me that you have to be willing to put your ideas out there without fear of rejection. Nothing is ever perfect and feedback helps things grow. This is honestly one of the most useful traits I found when it came to transitioning into the ‘real world’ after Shillington.

Did you make any connections during the course? Do you still talk to your classmates from London or elsewhere?

Yes I made loads of connections. I’m actually currently working with a former classmate on re-branding his company and we are both really enjoying working with each other again since we were trained the same way! We also still have an all-class WhatsApp thread that we communicate on from time to time whether that’s just design questions or events etc… We came from a lot of different places so it’s cool knowing people now spread all over the world and having connections in different areas.

What have you been up to since you graduated? How has your life changed after Shillington?

I’ve been doing a whole lot haha. I moved to New York after graduating for a creative placement at J. Walter Thompson, ended up spending a year in the city freelancing at various agencies after that and then working a short stint with AT&T/DirecTV on brand side creative. Through sheer coincidence, I was pitching in on AT&T’s activation space at the Sundance Film Festival when I got the opportunity to move to Utah and work as an environmental graphic designer for the Film Festival itself. One of my dreams while at Shillington was to work on large scale festival branding and this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. It was truly a life changing experience so once the 2019 festival wrapped, I came back to Atlanta for 7 months, working a couple contracts and then headed back to Utah to do it all over again for the 2020 festival! I have a little bit of a crazy life, but I love the changes and variety that being a designer allows! It’s one of the main reasons I went back to school in the first place. So, I guess you could say my life has changed dramatically in all the best ways possible.

Can you share some advice for our current Shillington students? Or someone who has just graduated?

If you’re studying currently or just out, don’t constantly compare yourself to the designers around you. It’s so easy these days to see other people’s work on social media or elsewhere and feel like you’ll never get to where they are, but instead of letting this frustrate you, let it inspire you.

We each have a unique perspective and talent that no one else has, and once you realize that it’s easier to just create in your own voice. Honestly, I was maybe mid to bottom of my class at Shillington, but while design is somewhat about natural talent, it’s also about hard work, just like anything else. If you’re passionate about making things, keep making them. If you want to land a job doing restaurant design, then make up some restaurants and brand them. If you are a passionate digital designer then find a friend or business who needs help and make something for them. When I realized I wanted to get into environmental design, I spent six weeks creating new projects for myself and building out projects I’d already had in my portfolio to show people I could actually do it! And guess what? It paid off! I got hired by Sundance a few weeks after I posted all the work to my website. Don’t wait to get paid to do something you want to do. Carve out time to do it and eventually people will start paying you for it. People value passion and dedication and I promise you just keep going and it will pay off!

Visit Laura’s website and read her full interview on the blog

Peter Howell
Freelance Creative

Paul Hallam
Book Designer, Scholastic

Rhys Brennan
Graphic Designer, Romano Beck

Helen Tong
Midweight Designer, Siegel+Gale

Amee Wilson
Art Director, Google

Dana Gendler
Creative Intern, Landor & Fitch

Suparom Ronyut
Creative Fellow at Rare with Google

Becky Dore
Designer at OnThree

Mason El Hage
Art Director at monopo

Ana Perez
Founder of Anecdota Studio

Claudia Costa
Freelance Graphic Designer

Shireen Roy
Freelance Graphic Designer

Marc Igbinadolor
Content Creator, Diane von Furstenburg

Daniele Regan
Founder of Danibydsgn

Michelle Crocker
Freelance Designer for Film and TV

Anuja Shukla
Creative Specialist at Twitter

Jeremy Somers
Founder and Creative Director of We Are Handsome

Jess Mosoph
Junior Creative at Dinosaur

Carolyn Kao
Product Designer, Robinhood

Rob Key
Founder of Studio Change and Change Space

Carl McBride
Junior Designer at Toyfight

Melody Yee
Lead Designer at
The Daily Edited

Darsh Seneviratne
Designer at Canva

Matt McKay
Designer at Kensa Creative

Ximena Jimenez
Web Designer at Blackmagic Design

Kinda Savarino
Designer at Billion Dollar Boy

Chantel Charchalis
Marketing and Content Creator at The Dog Mum

Tom Noon
Freelance Graphic Designer

Lauren Danger Koste
Studio Manager at The Design Kids

Karina Aslikyan
Freelance Graphic Designer

Robyn M-C
Freelance Graphic Designer

Lauren Stevens
Freelance Graphic Designer/ Junior Designer at NRMA

Karen Liang
Learning Experience Designer at Standards Australia

Ayesha Mansour
Freelance Designer, Aah Yes Studio

Anna Dai
Freelance Graphic Designer

Georgia Latham
Intern at Imagist

Natasha Michels
Designer at Nine Publishing and Creative Director at Sweaty City magazine

Mary Lin
Graphic Designer, Colette Werden

Carla Zimbler
VJ and Designer, Tszuj

Wyatt Welles
Freelance Graphic Designer

Laura Welch
Enviromental Designer at Sundance Film Festival

Sophie Bo Schmidt
Senior UX Consultant at PeakXD

Sivim Ly
Junior Graphic Designer at Loeffler Randall

Ben Thaler
Junior Designer at Common

Rosylvia Wang
Design and Brand Officer at Historic Houses UK

Liam Speranza
Associate Design Manager at Tushy

Em Storey
Junior Designer, NU Creative

Natalie Taylor
Designer, Mobkoi

Ella Caseley
Winner of the Shillington x Champion Agency Scholarship

Oyinkan Karunwi
Founder at Aseda Design Agency

Sylvan Hillebrand
Midweight Creative at HarrimanSteel

Maria Vazquez
Freelance Designer and Art Director

Alessandra Conti
Designer, RAPP

Elizabeth Diffey
Freelance Graphic Designer, Spotify

Majo Crespo
Co-Founder and Strategic Designer, Facético

Lorenzo Mengolini
UX Designer, AKQA

Abbey Swinn
Designer, Frost*collective

Angeline Chan
Communications Specialist, The University of Melbourne

Julia Hoolahan
Art Director, Home Beautiful

Seyi Ogunlade
Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

Rory Knibbs
Designer, The Midnight Club

Jess Goodall
Digital Designer, Pistachio Design

Stephanie Halovanic
Creative Producer, &Walsh

Megan Voo
UX/UI & Content Designer, Ignite Online

Gerald Torto
Strategist, Re Agency

Eman Abdallah
Graphic & Experience Designer, KAIRO

Ariana Villegas
Designer, Simplecast

Ray Wong
Designer, Oink Creative

Johanna Hagenauer
Brand / Product Designer, Rexlabs

Kris Klein
Experience Design + Videography at AKQA

Emily Campos
UX Designer, Wix

Rawin Keo
Lead Graphic Designer, Dermalogica

Mark Osmond
Designer, Thumbs Up!

Vanessa Bertagnole
Graphic Multimedia Designer, Surf Life Saving Queensland

Araki Koman
Freelance Illustrator and Designer

Arwa Al-Salam
Designer, Human Appeal

Benny Hinman
Designer, Frost*collective

Em Stokes
Junior Designer, MOO

Veronica Humphris
Digital Designer, Mapway

Leila Bartholet
Designer, Chandelier

Jared Worthington
Designer at Media Playground

Alexandra Francis
Designer, Flow Creative

Benjamin Ngooi
Graphic Designer, Cox Architecture

Sophie Lord
Creative Director, Hello May

Khadijah Adbul Nabi
Freelance Graphic Designer

Frankie Young
Founder, Studio Neubau

Ella Donald & Charlotte Carnegie Brown
Co-Founders, Studio Duzi

Amy Forsyth
Graphic Designer, Alfresco Emporium

Jaira Adlawan
Senior Visual Designer, Sephora

Jamie Krups
Creative at Stab Magazine

Keiran McCann
Graphic Designer, Victoria’s Secret

Greg Bemis
Creative, Nike

Anastasiia Vinnichenko
Designer, Phantom

Lori Beth Kaye
Senior Product Designer, The Iconic

Megan Dweck
Visual Designer, McKinsey & Company

James Freebairn
Junior Graphic Designer, Dark Mofo

Irina Manning
UX Designer, Manning Labs

Shannon Gordon
Designer, R/GA

Sinead Murphy
Freelance Graphic Designer

Lauren Koste
Freelance Designer and Craft Beer Specialist

Ani Monteleone
Designer, The Wall Street Journal

Caitlin Clancy
Designer, The New York Times

Miwako Suzuki
Integrated Creative Director

Linda Gao
Designer, HBO

Rachel Urquhart
Founder, Pony Gold Studio

Will Batrouney
Graphic Designer, Ignite Online

Ellie Pinney
Freelance Designer

Katie Lodge
Business Development Manager, Frost* collective

Joseph Lebus
Designer, Made Thought

Jordan Demetriou
Junior Designer, Principals

Hamish Snow
Product Designer, Rexlabs

Emily Somers
Founder, Bravery Co.

Eleanor Robertson
Designer, Paul Belford Ltd

Estefi Panizza
Junior Designer, Design Bridge

Erin Gale
Designer, Target

Kylie Meller
Founder, duosista Web and Graphic Design

Yarron Frauenfelder
Design Director

Bianca Chu
Senior Designer, eBay

Bianca Oggiano
Designer, FutureBrand

Alexander Rog
Junior Designer, oOh!

Christopher J Porter
Designer, I See Sea

Babeth Olde Hanter
Junior Art Director, SOV

Chrystal Christie
Photographer/Graphic Designer, One Round Entertainment

Tally Thompson
Graphic Designer, Awesome Creative

Dominika Stanczyk
Designer, Open Water

Lindsay Koffler
Graphic Designer, Refinery29

Lily Moore
Designer at Sotheby’s

Braden Floris
Designer, GoFundMe

Ashley Ronning
Illustrator and Founder of Helio Press

Tahmena Lutfi
Digital Designer, Qantas and Jetstar Hotels

Anara Davletaliyeva
UX Designer and Developer, Appliances Online

Tiffany Yee
Designer, Forever 21

Amy Sheehan
Art Director, Insider Inc.

Emma Ladlow
Designer, University of Nottingham Students' Union

Alexis Waller
Design Director, R/GA

Halah El Kholy
In-House Designer, Brew Tea Co

Jess White
Junior Graphic Designer, Just Media Design

Bobby Hendry
Designer, Brilliant Logic

Jessica Bakker
Junior Graphic Designer, Beyond Communications

Lauren Dannenberg
Designer, Mary's Group

Arnold Omanyo
UX/UI Designer, Digital on Demand

Dawn Moloney
Founder, A Making Life

Miranda Mayne
Freelance Graphic Designer

Caroline Keefe
Freelance, Nickelodeon

Paul and Amoni Liddell
Graphic Designers, Westpac CX and Feel

Meredith Wallis
Designer, King & Partners

Ocki Magill
Founder, Letter Bug Studios

Victoire Scherer
Graphic Designer, Marketing Agency

Anika George
Designer, AKQA

Liana Modolo
UX Designer, Rex Software

Kelly Hansen
Graphic Designer, Amazon Books

Mikel McCavana
Designer, Moment

Alexander Wu-Kim
Concept Creative, ANDPEOPLE Australia

Jing Ong
Designer, Autumn

Kirsten McColl
Designer, WH-O

Nicole Rogers
Designer, Birchbox

Pooja Dharia
Branding Designer, FCB Health

Erin Donati
Founder, Harley Quinn & Co.

Jackson Todd
Art Director, Van Der Zwaag

Andy Vargas
Designer, Bitâcora

Moshe Bien
Designer, Nucleus

Crystal Lin
Designer, DNA Design

Stephen Grace
Designer, Christopher Doyle & Co.

Eleanor Rogers
Letterpress Printer, Chapel Press

Andy Tharagonnet
Designer, ThumbsUp

Ben Peters
Freelance Graphic Designer

Brad Holten
Designer, Big Idea

Natalia Baker
Freelance Graphic Designer

Molly Sitter
Studio Designer, Spring St. Social Society

Guy Pittard
Freelance Graphic Designer

Bea Sambalido
Freelance Graphic Designer

Peta Harris
Graphic Designer, Macquarie University

Oceane Combeau
Designer, Fernand et Firmin

Anna Mullin
Illustrator, Sneaky Racoon

Theo Witrylak
Visual Designer, EPAM

Stephanie Antill
Founder, St Clement Creative

Paul McKie and Myles Sharpe
Directors, Autumn

Pete Conforto
Designer, For The People

Roo Cassels
Designer, Big Fish

Nicol Reid
Founder, Little Creative

James Birks
Freelance Illustrator and Designer

David Scott
Designer, The Mix

Jane Durlacher
Graphic Designer, Paper Stone Scissors

Rachel Lee
Freelance Graphic Designer

Janno Saft
Founder, frank wo

Sean Raynor
Designer, Watermark Studio

Vanessa Burgess
Graphic Designer, Tritium

Olivier Adam
Freelance Graphic Designer

Cari Sekendur
Art Director, LMNOP Creative

Alexandra Menzies
Freelance Graphic Designer

Margherita Baldi
Freelance Visual Designer

Tim Jones
Brand Experience Director, venturethree

Carla Scotto
Freelance Graphic Designer

Meg Walker
Designer, Milkshake

Christina Capetola
Designer at Wayfair

Louise Hamer
Design Lead, We Are Empire

Ina Estrada
Founder, Par Vous Designs

Sam Jacobs
Senior Designer, Time Inc.

Ulrika Johnson
Designer, Fantasia Accessories

Henriette van Baren
Graphic Designer, ABC Carpet & Home

Charly Tudor
Graphic Designer, Holdens

Lola Irwanto
Graphic Designer, Princess Polly

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