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The design world seems daunting at first, but it’s great when you finally get confidence. If I can help others to reach this point then I will be happy.

Graphic Design Teacher

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker has a broad perspective of design, having freelanced in London agencies for over fifteen years. Previous clients include UK high street and international names, covering retail, branding and environmental graphics. He is keen on pushing students with unique, concept-driven design – stepping above the obvious aesthetic-led solutions that surround us.

What do you love about design?

I love the puzzle-solving aspect, trying to uncover that good solution you know is out there. Also standing back at the end of the project and seeing how far it’s grown from the initial concept seed.

Why do you teach?

The design world seems daunting at first, but it’s great when you finally get confidence and let yourself try, fail, then succeed without doubting your ability as a designer. If I can help others to reach this point then I will be happy.

Tell us about your design career outside of Shillington.

I have worked for agencies that have covered all disciplines from digital to branding to packaging to environmental graphics, and feel lucky to have had such well-rounded experience. I have worked on many UK high-street brands as well as some international jobs that have required research to try and understand what design might appeal to their culture.

What or who are you loving right now?

Trying to learn how to create calligraphy-style lettering and hand-drawn illustration, although I find precious hours disappearing just from playing around. I bought pens and paper for the traditional approach, but also recreating digitally. The possibilities are exciting and add a human touch to digital work, so I’m hoping for the opportunity to use this in a project soon!

If you were a typeface, what would you be?

Maybe F37 Foundry’s Jagger. Nicely rounded but with some unique touches when you look closely.

What’s your favourite blog?

Under Consideration Brand New for insightful branding reviews.

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Rich Tucker
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Graphic Design Teacher, Online

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Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Nick Bailey
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

Adam Busby
Graphic Design Teacher, Online

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Graphic Design Teacher, Online

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