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  • Study design abroad in Sydney/Warrang, Australia

Your visa options to study design abroad in Sydney/Warrang, Australia

Sydney/Warrang is the perfect choice for students who love the outdoors, a laid-back social scene and diverse cuisine options.

City or beach? In Sydney, there’s no dilemma at all. The nation’s first city isn’t just a vibrant, diverse and culturally rich metropolis, it’s also home to some of the planet’s most beautiful coastline.

“Sydney is an awesome city, very laid back vibes. It’s amazing to be able to go to the beach anytime and beautiful national parks nearby. The food scene is great here too!” —Suzannah James, London

Information about Sydney/Warrang:

Shillington details:

Interviews with past students:

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600), eVisitor (Subclass 651)Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601) Visa) holders and New Zealand citizens

Please note: Shillington is not CRICOS registered, which means students are not able to apply for international student visas. But you don’t need a student visa to study at Shillington! Research your eligibility for the tourist and work visas listed above, which allow up to 3 months of study—perfect for our full-time graphic design course.

Australia offers a free eVisitor (Subclass 651) Visa, which allows tourists of any age to live and study for up to 3 months.

If you’re between 18—30 years old (35 for Canadian and Irish citizens), there are two visas which allow you to live, work and study for up to a year. Perfect to graduate from our 3 month course, then work or travel for the remainder of your visa. Visit Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) and Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) to check your home country’s eligibility.

Accommodation and transport tips

Looking for where to live in Sydney? Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at Shillington, we recommend sticking within a 30 minute commute-time of campus. Past students recommend Surry Hills, Paddington, Alexandria, Redfern, Bondi, Coogee or Manly.

“Get in touch people you know or even friends of friends who live or have lived in the city. They have the best tips on areas, I ended finding a flat this way.” —Kayla Greer, New Zealand 

“I’d definitely recommend using AirBnB—this gives you plenty of flexibility. I moved to a new place every month so I got a chance to experience different parts of Sydney. You also don’t have to worry about putting down deposits and being tied into contracts.” —Suzannah James, London 

Research your options:

Transportation in Sydney:

  • When you arrive in Sydney, get an Opal Card from a kiosk close to the station. It’s an easy tap on/tap off system for trains, buses and ferries. Download the TripView app for easy planning. *International students in Sydney are not eligible for Student Concessions Card discounts 
  • Lime-E bikes are available around the city.


Cost of living and exchange calculator

You’ll probably have a lot of questions about how much moving to Sydney will cost. Do your research to best prepare for your study adventure!

Here are some helpful financial resources:

  • XE Currency Convertor is a great tool to calculate the exchange rate from your home country into Australian dollars.
  • Insider Guides offers a cost of living calculator, designed to help you discover how much it would cost to live in Sydney. You can compare accommodation, transportation, entertainment and more.

Creative's Guide to Sydney/Warrang

There’s so much to see and do in Sydney, Australia!

Want to know the cool spots according to people in the design scene? On the Grid is a collection of cultural guides lovingly curated by local creatives. Check out top recommendations for Sydney, broken up by unique neighbourhoods.

“Studying abroad creates a different kind of ‘filter’ for your design work. It’s like you have learnt a new language and now your brain thinks in two different design languages.” —Silja Aav, Estonia

Shillington’s top 10 things to do in Sydney:

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Gallery of NSW. Two of Sydney’s best-known museums, within walking distance of Shillington’s campus.
  2. Swim in ocean pools. Pretty unique to Sydney, ocean pools let you frolic in ocean water without big waves.
  3. Sydney Opera House. Can’t look past this iconic venue. Go see a show, take a tour of the venue or even just grab a drink at Opera Bar to soak up the atmosphere.
  4. King Street in Newtown. Walk up and down the main road to check out eclectic shops, great people watching and lots of of delicious food and drink options.
  5. Royal Botanic Gardens. Stunning setting overlooking the harbour. Go for a run or have a picnic.
  6. Ferry to Manly. A ferry ride will give you a close-up view of the Opera House, and once you arrive—explore the friendly, laid-back vibes of Manly.
  7. Blue Mountains. A day trip from Sydney, hike to enjoy picturesque mountain scenes, including the famous Three Sisters.
  8. Breweries in Marrickville. Go where the locals go! Amazing craft beer options in unexpected locations.
  9. Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Breathtaking views, and perfect to get your heart rate up while enjoying the outdoors.
  10. Bridge Climb. “Climb the bridge! Pricey, but worth it.” —George Viney, Western Australia 

Websites for arts, culture, and lifestyle inspiration:

Instagram accounts to follow:

Studying in Australia you get to meet incredible people of all different cultures and backgrounds. If I think of my Shillington class, we were a super weird mixture of people—so much so, that on the first day, I panicked a little bit to be honest—but after a week we’d all become such great friends and it was truly the most supportive and encouraging class you could ever wish for.

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