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  • UK Student Code of Conduct

Student code of conduct.

Student code of conduct for Shillington United Kingdom

By enrolling at Shillington in the United Kingdom, you agree to abide by the Shillington Student Code of Conduct and to observe the rules, policies and procedures of Shillington.

If you are planning to enrol at online, please review our Online code of conduct.

The Shillington Student Code of Conduct requires you to:

  • Actively participate in the learning process at Shillington
  • Respect the collaborative nature of the Shillington environment
  • Attend all timetabled classes and arrive to all classes on time
  • Not allow your number of absences to exceed four days (full time students) or six evenings (part time students) over the duration of your studies
  • Have access to a Mac computer outside of class time. This Mac will need to have the Adobe Creative Suite installed, as well as Figma
  • Dedicate at least six hours (full time students) or eight hours (part time students) of your own time for homework each week
  • Complete and pass all assessment tasks including quizzes, student reviews and visual diary
  • Use internet solely for brief research purposes, and only during designated research periods
  • Not access restricted sites for non-research purposes including social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc), video/music/application sharing sites (YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc), personal email sites (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc), news websites, internet banking or any sites that don’t directly relate to Shillington work. Restricted sites are not limited to these examples
  • Not access any content that is illegal, offensive or inappropriate
  • Not use Shillington’s internet for any large or excessive downloads
  • Inform yourself of all Shillington rules, policies and procedures that apply to you
  • Ensure that you keep Shillington updated with your contact details
  • Ensure that you read all emails sent by Shillington
  • Respect the privacy of others in regard to their personal information and private information shared while at Shillington and comply with privacy legislation
  • Behave honestly and with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and Shillington policies
  • Not engage in plagiarism or other academic misconduct or actions involving breach of copyright – you must acknowledge the ideas, materials, concepts, processes and practices of others that you have used, borrowed or developed in your own work
  • Ensure your activities are conducted safely and do not place yourself or others at risk of harm
  • Treat others equally and with courtesy and respect, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Not participate in any Shillington activity under the influence of alcohol or a prohibited substance
  • Use and care for all resources of Shillington or of others, when engaged in Shillington related activity, in a lawful and ethical manner
  • Comply with security and access requirements at Shillington
  • Comply with any reasonable direction or request from a Shillington staff member, where the direction or request supports safety, good order and compliance with Shillington policy
  • Ensure your actions as a student do not harm, or bring into disrepute, Shillington’s reputation or good standing
  • Not use Shillington’s name, reputation, logo or resources for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purposes, without prior permission

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