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  • US Student Code of Conduct

Student code of conduct.

Student code of conduct for Shillington New York

By enrolling at Shillington in New York City you agree to abide by the Shillington Student Code of Conduct and to observe the rules, policies and procedures of Shillington.

If you are planning to enroll Online, please review our Online code of conduct.

The Shillington Student Code of Conduct requires you to:

  • Actively participate in the learning process at Shillington
  • Respect the collaborative nature of the Shillington environment
  • Attend all timetabled classes and arrive to all classes on time
  • Not allow your number of absences to exceed four days (full time students) or six evenings (part time students) over the duration of your studies
  • Have access to a Mac computer outside of class time with Adobe Creative Suite & Figma installed
  • Dedicate at least six hours (full time students) or eight hours (part time students) of your own time for homework each week
  • Complete and pass all assessment tasks including quizzes, student reviews and visual diary
  • Use internet solely for brief research purposes, and only during designated research periods
  • Not access restricted sites for non-research purposes including social media sites, video/music/application sharing sites, personal email sites or any sites that don’t directly relate to Shillington work. Restricted sites are not limited to these examples
  • Not access any content that is illegal, offensive or inappropriate
  • Not use Shillington’s internet for any large or excessive downloads.
  • Inform yourself of all Shillington rules, policies and procedures that apply to you
  • Ensure that you keep Shillington updated with your contact details
  • Ensure that you read all emails sent by Shillington
  • Respect the privacy of others in regard to their personal information and private information shared while at Shillington and comply with privacy legislation
  • Behave honestly and with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and Shillington policies
  • Not engage in plagiarism or other academic misconduct or actions involving breach of copyright – you must acknowledge the ideas, materials, concepts, processes and practices of others that you have used, borrowed or developed in your own work
  • Ensure your activities are conducted safely and do not place yourself or others at risk of harm
  • Treat others equally and with courtesy and respect, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Not participate in any Shillington activity under the influence of alcohol or a prohibited substance
  • Use and care for all resources of Shillington or of others, when engaged in Shillington related activity, in a lawful and ethical manner
  • Comply with security and access requirements at Shillington
  • Comply with any reasonable direction or request from a Shillington staff member, where the direction or request supports safety, good order and compliance with Shillington policy

Additional costs for equipment and other resources required for the course shall be paid for by The Student. Below is our suggested list of what to purchase.

  1. External Hard Drive or USB
  2. 3-Ring Binder
  3. Sheet Protectors / Plastic Sleeves
  4. Notebook to take brief/class notes
  5. Workbook with blank white pages (no lines) for thumbnails planning, sketching, etc.
  6. Visual Diary with blank pages with no lines for pasting found items and critiquing them.
  7. Pens, Highlighters, Pilot fineliner (designers felt tip pen)

Printing, Portfolio and Graduation Costs

  1. iPad for presenting digital work folio (optional)  $500.00
  2. Graduation Poster $25

The School is in the heart of New York City at the corner of 42nd and Madison Avenue. It is easily accessible from all the transportation hubs of New York City. The school facility environment fosters learning with plenty of studio space and a student lounge. Plus the school is handicapped accessible.

There is a comprehensive library available to students. Library books must not be removed from the classroom under any circumstances and should be returned to the library section at the end of the day. Care should be taken to return the books and magazines to their correct places.

All student work must be original or the originator of the work should be acknowledged. Using photographs as a reference is considered acceptable if your work is developed further in an individual and creative manner. It is illegal to reproduce other people’s work without their permission; this includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, electronic, software and certain other intellectual works.

Desks should be totally cleared at the end of each day/night (anything left on desks will be thrown out).

Work stations should be shut down at the end of the day/night.

FT: Backing up must be done during lesson times, not after 4:30pm.

PT: Backing up must be done during lesson times, not after 9.00pm.

Computers have been known to corrupt which can result in your files being permanently lost. The school takes no responsibility in regards to lost files and has no back-up system for students work. It is your responsibility to back your work up.

Students are allocated a maximum of 4 Giga-byte of disk space.

Excess work must be backed up (during class time). No software is to be copied under any circumstances.

  • Any student work undertaken while studying at Shillington may be reproduced and used in promotional material throughout the world. Including, but not limited to print, advertisements, website and social media.
  • The student agrees to grant Shillington the non-exclusive
  • right by way of license for this with or without attribution to
  • the student.
  • The student may opt out of this license agreement by requesting, in writing, to Shillington.

Shillington adheres to US data protection laws.

  • Students must update Shillington in writing as to any changes to their personal details including email address, telephone number and address.
  • These terms constitute the entire Agreement between you and Shillington and you confirm that in making your application you have not relied on, and shall have no right or remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (made either innocently or negligently) other than as expressly set out in these terms.

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