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Could a graphic design bootcamp change your entire career in only nine months? Yes! 

With Shillington’s online graphic design course, you can become a graphic designer wherever you are in the world. No experience required.

Here’s what Shillington’s online course has to offer:

The same graphic design bootcamp from the comfort of your home. Our course is identical whether you study on campus or online.

Innovative, real-time online learning. Lectures, demos, briefs and critiques delivered live in real-time with additional study materials available outside of class.

Amazing student to teacher ratios. Everyone gets involved and engaged in an active online environment led by dedicated, experienced teachers. 

Savings on travel costs. Forget the commute and study from home—saving the cost of travel. 

A truly global experience. Network, develop connections and exchange ideas with classmates around the world and hear from guest lectures not limited by location. 

Industry ready graduates. Graduate with everything you need for a creative career:

  • Technical skills across Adobe and Figma
  • Solid understanding of design theory
  • An incredible design portfolio
  • Confidence for your job hunt or next career move

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What are the benefits of taking the Shillington course online?

The Shillington online graphic design course isn’t just an online course—it’s the Shillington course online. That means we do things a little differently:

No experience required. Even if you’ve never opened the Adobe programs, then you’ve got nothing to worry about—our teachers will guide you every step of the way.

Accountability. Deadlines, homework, participation and attendance are down to you. Just like they would be in the real world.

Community. Research, work and socialise with fellow students from around the world, bringing in different, fresh perspectives and cultures.

Real world application. The online graphic design course operates as a remote design studio with real time briefs and deadlines, preparing you to go out and work as a designer anywhere in the world.

I really like how even though the course is online, it really seems like we are physically in a real classroom. The teachers are awesome and 3 hours pass by in a minute.

Stefania Forte
Shillington Online Graduate

I’ve already worked or trained as a designer. Is Shillington right for me?


I’ve already worked or trained as a designer. Is Shillington right for me?

Our graphic design course is ideal for current creatives to revive software skills and enhance their understanding of the design fundamentals. If your software skills are self-taught, we’ll teach you how to work smoothly and efficiently across the Adobe Creative Suite. Or if your current portfolio isn’t up-to-scratch, we’ll help you craft a collection of your best work, showcasing an ability to work across a wide range of briefs. Meet 20 Inspiring Designers Who Studied at Shillington After Creative Degrees or Diplomas.


Why should I choose Shillington over other study options?

Graphic Design Course

Why should I choose Shillington over other study options?

Over the past 20 years we’ve developed an innovative approach to help students achieve amazing results in a seriously short amount of time. Ask our graduates—it’s completely different to any other course or classroom! Our intensive, fast-paced course isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a go-getter who wants to learn quickly and efficiently, Shillington’s right for you.


What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Course Outcomes

What kind of job could I get after Shillington?

Shillington prepares you for a wide variety of creative careers. Upskilling in design helps you put your best foot forward on the job hunt. You could work in digital design like Louise at either a small or large agency, focus on publishing like Kelly or packaging like at a boutique studio like Roo. There’s even opportunities to take on freelance clients or even build your own business like Ina. The list is endless! Learn more about potential design careers in What is Graphic Design? or scroll through our graduates’ profiles on LinkedIn.


Have Shillington students won awards?

Graphic Design Course

Have Shillington students won awards?

Yes! Check out this full list of awards won by Shillington students and graduates.


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