Shillington New York Teacher

There’s a beautiful limitless potential in design, each moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s never boring!

Marcea Decker

Explore Marcea's Portfolio

Marcea Decker is a New York-based educator, designer, multimedia artist, and musician. Outside of teaching, she creates handpainted limited edition bleach t-shirt designs, has self-published two books and exhibited her work.

Bleach Design Project

For the musician Molly Nilsson, Marcea created handpainted limited edition bleach t-shirt designs. In this case study, she talks about the brief and process to create the album cover and the artwork for the t-shirts.

Shillington Melbourne Teacher

Design is about so much more than making something look beautiful (although that is also important) but the skills it gives you in creativity and problems solving can be used in all areas of your life.

Spencer Harrison

Explore Spencer's Portfolio

Spencer Harrison is an artist who creates abstract compositions exploring ideas from science, art and eastern philosophy through painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, and murals.

The Design Files Interview

Last summer, The Design Files visited Spencer’s Melbourne studio to chat about his art practice, inspiration, and his No-Self exhibition.

Shillington Manchester Teacher

I love being able to help people develop creatively. It’s exciting to be able to help students realise ideas whilst really challenging themselves (and me) in the process.

Charly Tudor

Experiential Campaign for Allied London

Charly Tudor has a background working at creative studios and is currently working on campaigns from branding startups to designing a mini-golf course. Check out her favourite project for Allied London.

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Explore Charly’s Instagram which has a beautiful curation of design work, photography and snapshots of things she loves.

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