We've teamed up with companies like MOO, Fontself, RookieUp, Briefbox and more to offer exclusive Shillumni discounts.

Stay connected

Start using the Shillumni hashtag when sharing your work. Tag #Shillumni in your social media posts to keep us updated on your journey!

Talks and Workshops

Another Shillumni perk is access to industry talks and workshops! A great opportunity to network and stay inspired. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements in 2019.

10 Design Graduate Tips from Shillumni

We asked our global Shillumni network to give their advice about how to tackle life after Shillington. They delivered and then some with tips on the job hunt, portfolio and inspiration.

Pick up a Personal Project

Get inspired by fellow Shillumni! Start a side hustle like Adam Sharratt’s Top Corner Magazine or play the game inspired by Shillington from Shillumni competition winner Vanille Cuvelier.

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