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9 Expert Tips to Improve Your Graphic Design Invoice and Get Paid On Time

All of our teachers at Shillington are professional designers and illustrators themselves, so they’ve got a lot of collective experience in this area. Read on as they share their tips on how to invoice effectively and never hit that overdraft limit as a result.


6 Shillington Teachers Share Their Favourite Way To Break From The Computer

As designers our Shillington Teachers know that the job can often see you spending long hours in front of the computer screen—and they also know how important it is to get away from the screen, stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest. For Shillington Post 09—The Wellbeing Issue, we spoke to six of our teachers from our campuses around the world to give us the low down on how they take five.


Meet Melissa Ridgley, Shillington Graduate and UX/UI Designer at XPO Brands

Melissa Ridgley‘s creative journey goes way back when she applied to University at age 18 to study a Graphic Design major—but she thought it wasn’t a responsible choice. Post-university, working as a marketer—Melissa found herself at a design conference where she had a lightbulb moment! Down the rabbit hole looking for a design course she stumbled upon Shillington and the rest is history.


Shillington does such a great job of instilling the design process into each brief that it’s become second nature for me in a real-world setting.

Ben Thaler
Graphic Designer, Common

Save Your Sundays!

Spending your Sundays scrolling? You could be learning graphic design and embarking on a new creative career.

Our part-time course is available on Sundays in London—the perfect antidote to the Sunday blues. Courses commence 18 September—find out more.

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