Borders are open! Study design abroad in Australia

Studying in Australia you also get to meet incredible people of all different cultures and backgrounds. If I think of my Shillington class, we were a super weird mixture of people—but after a week we’d all become such great friends and it was truly the most supportive and encouraging class you could ever wish for.

Robyn Hunt
Graduate, #ShilloSYD

I was hitting my big ‘30’ so I took a leap of faith to do something really different. I left my job and went to Melbourne for Shillington! The best thing about studying in Melbourne was experiencing a whole new set of routine. Learning new skills, experiencing new environments and cultures were very fun to me.

Sheena Chong
Graduate, #ShilloMEL

Deciding to leave the comfort of Toronto (home) was a hard one. However I felt like I needed space to grow personally and professionally and I felt like Brisbane was the place to do it. Not to mention all the beautiful beaches that are such a short drive away!

Lenny Kai Yang
Graduate, #ShilloBNE

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