Interview with Karina Aslikyan, Freelance Designer

A year since graduating, #ShilloSYD graduate Karina Aslikyan shares her experience as a freelance designer so far, including some passion projects and client work she’s been creating.


Listen to Pathfinder

Listen to the latest episodes on Pathfinder, a podcast from Shillington. So far we featured Zipeng Zhu, Craig Black and Kim Parsons who share their insights and navigating their creative careers.

Advice from Female Industry Leaders

Did you know that only 11% of creative directors in the design industry are female? We asked twelve industry leaders for their advice on how a designer just starting out can succeed in the industry.

Design Case Study with Shillington Teacher Tim King

#ShilloSYD teacher Tim King chats with us about how he conceived the idea for his photobook, The Wheelers which documents years of family life. He discusses his process from beginning to end from designing to publishing this book.


How to Get Hired as a Graphic Designer During the Pandemic

As we navigate these tumultuous times, ur incredible graduates from AU, UK and the US are still finding design jobs in the industry! We caught up with 7 of them to learn about navigating the job search during this time and tips on landing a new job.

Shillington’s Online Graphic Design Course

Shillington’s Online Graphic Design Course was featured on SFGate! Learn more about the course with reflections from past online graduates and find out how you too can transform your career.

Shillington News

Big news! We’re so excited to announce that Shillington had 17 recipients of the 2020 American Graphic Design Awards.

Thanks to our students’ dedication and impressive work, the mentorship of our teachers and the innovative design curriculum, we’re not surprised that Shillington had so many winning projects!

11 graduates were selected by the judging panel for projects created during Shillington’s graphic design course. And we’re thrilled that 6 teacher projects from the New York campus received an award too!

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