Book Design with Shillington Teacher Annette Dennis

#ShilloMEL teacher Annette Dennis shares valuable advice in this design case study and walks us through the process of designing and producing the book of poems, Oversharing My Selves.

BIPOC Resources for Creatives

There’s a wealth of amazing resources that help support BIPOC out there—so, we’ve put together a list of creative directories to explore, organisations to follow, design events and more.

Creative Inspiration

New #ILoveTheseGuys shout-out for Philippines-based creatives Patrick Cabral and Camy Cabral from #ShilloNY graduate Geli Balcruz. Find out about the creatives and their work.

What’s Inspiring Us

For the new #FridayFive series, former #ShilloMAN teacher Ed Baptist shares his favourite picks from August.

10 Creatives from Chicago

There’s no shortage of things to inspire Chicago’s many creatives. We picked our top 10 to give you a taste of what Chicago has to offer from design to illustration and type design.

Interview with Mulga the Artist

Joel Moore is an Australian street artist who is widely known for his bold colourful style across buildings and billboards. Learn how he transitioned careers from finance to becoming a full-time artist in two years.

Shillington News

You may have seen recently that Shillington launched its first Online Graphic Design Course. Although there are many online courses out there already, the Shillington course is different since we emulate exactly what we do in the classroom but directly to you. Learn more and let us explain what makes us different and how you can learn graphic design from anywhere in the world. Classes start on 21 September so keep an eye out for online classes in the new year.

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Info Sessions 16 October at 1:00pm
Part-time classes start 18 January
Full-time classes start 1 February


Info Sessions 10 November at 6:00pm BST
Part-time classes start 21 September
Full-time classes start 11 January


Info Sessions 10 November at 1:00pm EST
Full-time and part-time classes start 21 September
Full-time classes start 11 January

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