8 Unexpected Ways to Get Freelance Work

As a freelance designer, finding steady and reliable work is important. We’ve put together a series of tips from freelancers to help you find new work in the least likely of places.

Interview with Freelance Designer Ayesha Mansour

Since graduating from Shillington last year, #ShilloLON Ayesha Mansour shifted careers from marketing to launching her freelance business as Aah Yes Studio and The Aahchive design archive. Find out about her work and freelance life after Shillington.

What’s Inspiring Us

For the new #FridayFive series, Global Director Anthony Wood shares his favourite picks from June.

Creative Inspiration: Temi Coker

New #ILoveTheseGuys shout-out from the Shillington team on the Dallas-based multidisciplinary artist, Temi Coker. Find out about his vibrant colourful work that tells a unique story.

3 Designers Reflect on their Evolving Creative Roles

Ever wondered about the different creative roles? #ShilloNY teacher Cathy Sison interviewed 3 creatives to dive deeper into the creative roles of a senior graphic designer, art director and creative director.

5 Parents Who Studied at Shillington to Change Careers or Upskill

Over the years, we’ve had many students studying at Shillington that have been raising children, from babies to teenagers. We spoke to five of them to find out about balancing student life with family life.

Shillington News

Shillington Everywhere: The New Online Graphic Design Course

Have you or a friend been thinking about a new creative career in design? Now you can learn graphic design from anywhere in the world by taking the Shillington course online part-time. You will graduate in 9 months with a polished portfolio showcasing your best work and ready to land your dream job!

Learn more about Shillington’s new online course and join the Global Classroom to kickstart your creative career!

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Info Sessions 26 August at 1:00pm EST
Full-time and part-time classes start 21 September
Part-time Sunday classes start 26 September


Info Sessions 26 August at 6:00pm BST
Full-time and part-time classes start 21 September
Part-time Sunday classes start 26 September (LON only)


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