14 App Designs by Shillington Students

Shillington students are tasked with designing an app for one of their UX/UI projects and we are always amazed by the results! So we’ve put together some of our students’ most interesting creations—apps for fonts, hiking, food and everything in between.

20 Best Online Jobs Boards for Designers

Are you a recent graduate looking for work or an experienced designer ready to take on a new gig? To help you out, we created this list of 20 best job board sites.

Khadijah Abdul Nabi, Iraq to Shillington London

Hear #ShilloLON graduate Khadijah Abdul Nabi share her study abroad experience and what inspires her work. Since graduating, she’s worked on a visual identity project, appeared on TV and is developing a collective for Iraqi female creatives.

What’s Inspiring Us

For the new #FridayFive series, #ShilloLON teacher Fiona Martin shares her favourite picks from May.

20 Designers Who Studied at Shillington After Creative Degrees

Many self-taught or experienced designers choose to upskill at Shillington to improve their skills and creative process. Meet these 20 graduates who decided to retrain—watch their videos and learn how they fast-tracked their design careers.

Andy Lawrence, Senior Designer at FutureBrand

Andy Lawrence recently came in for a guest lecture at the #ShilloSYD campus and our students loved it! He talked about the role motion plays in branding, case studies, a discussion on job-hunting and studio culture.

Shillington News

Win a Half Scholarship to Study Graphic Design at Shillington

We’re offering half scholarships for our September 2019 full-time and part-time graphic design courses in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you’ve been wanting to study design, now is the perfect opportunity!

Also, we’re partnering with The Champion Agency to offer one full scholarship for our September London full-time course. Champion is a creative enterprise with a social mission to champion young creative talent (under 25s) from disadvantaged backgrounds. Don’t miss your chance and apply by Monday, 8 July 2019.

And if you’ve been considering studying part-time at Shillington, we have big news! We may be offering a part-time course on Sundays in New York, London and Manchester. Interested? Let us know by 21 June by filling out this form.

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Info Sessions 10 July at 6:00pm
Full-time and part-time classes start 16 September


Info Sessions 12 July at 6:00pm
Full-time classes start 16 September
Part-time classes start 25 September


Info Sessions 12 July at 6:00pm
Full-time and part-time classes start 16 September

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