Expert Tips to Improve Your Design Portfolio

If you’re seeking a new gig, your portfolio should be polished, reflecting your skills and experience. To help you out, we asked Shillington‘s teachers and graduates to share their top portfolio tips.

Meet Estefi Panizza, Junior Designer at Design Bridge

#ShilloLON graduate Estefi Panizza is the co-founder of the creative studio Cascabel and shares her experience moving from Buenos Aires to London, upskilling at Shillington and reflects on the creative scene in both cities.

Lotta Nieminen #ILoveTheseGuys

New #ILoveTheseGuys shout-out for Finnish designer Lotta Nieminen from #ShilloNY graduate Sarah Kennedy. Learn about her work and see some project highlights.

What’s Inspiring Us

For the new #FridayFive series, #ShilloSYD teacher Olivia Chen shares what was on her radar from April.

20 Desk Accessories for Creatives and Design Lovers

At Shillington, we recognise beautiful design when we see it. Find your perfect item from this list of 20 desk accessories for creatives—everything from organisers to designer toys!

Our 10 Favourite Polish Creatives

Discover the work from these 10 Polish creatives—from weird and wonderful illustrations of Gosia Herba to some sleek branding from Mama Studio.

Shillington News

Shillington Winners of the 2019 Indigo Awards

The Indigo Design Awards started with the goal of promoting creativity and discovering designs from around the world that are unique. This year, two #ShilloNY teachers received an Indigo Design Award. Read on to find out about Jimmy Muldoon’s and Shanti Sparrow’s winning projects!

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