Design Freedom and the Sea of Sameness

Shillington’s Hilary Archer discusses how technology and social media provide opportunities for designers but can also lead to homogenisation.


Caitlin Clancy, Designer at The New York Times

Since graduating from #ShilloLON, Caitlin freelanced and now art directs digital projects. Learn about her role at T Brand Studio and how upskilling at Shillington helped her career.

Felix Pfaffli #ILoveTheseGuys

New #ILoveTheseGuys shout-out for Felix Pfaffli from #ShilloNY student LiSun Francisco. Find out more about the studio and project highlights.

What’s Inspiring Us

For the new #FridayFive series, Marketing and Communications Assistant Oli Stevenson shares his favourite picks from January.

Dan Villalobos, Junior Graphic Designer at I-AM

When not designing, #ShilloLON graduate Dan Villalobos creates music and animation. Find out about his favourite projects and how his music and design careers intersect.

10 Books for Designers

#ShilloLON graduate Eleanor Robertson shares her ten favourite books for inspiration that are essential to a designer’s library.

Shillington News

Shillington Winners of the 2018 Print Futures Awards

Two Shillington graduates have been selected as winners of the 2018 Print Futures Award! Gemma Purkiss and Rosanna Sutcliffe submitted written entries to be awarded grants of up to £1500 to help with their first steps as graphic designers. Find out what they were up to before Shillington.

Print Futures helps people fund costs associated with a relevant training course in printing, publishing, packaging or graphic arts. The 2019 Awards are now open! Once enrolled in the course, students are eligible to apply.

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