Shillington New York Class Yearbook

#ShilloNY graduate Seyi Ogunlade shares her inspiration and process behind creating a yearbook of her experience at Shillington. The book includes artwork, photos, and reflections from students and teachers.

Study Design Abroad: From Amsterdam to New York

After studying both fashion design and law, Henriette van Barren moved to New York to study at Shillington. Read on to learn about her study abroad experience, working as an in-house designer, and her illustration work.

18 Corporate Reports by Shillington Students

See this amazing list of corporate reports designed by Shillington students—turning heavy stats and text into visually appealing layouts that are a delight to read.

Studio Koto #ILoveTheseGuys

Check out the latest in our #ILoveTheseGuys series with a mention about Studio Koto from #ShilloLON student Tyesha Freeman.

How Does Branding Help a Startup

Arek Dvornechuck discusses the importance of branding and how startups can use it as a tool to differentiate from competitors.

Interview with Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic came for a guest lecture at our #ShilloMAN campus and talked about his creative journey, advice for designers, and how both music and colour are important to his work.

Shillington News

39 Shillington Finalists and 9 Distinctions for AGDA Student Design Awards 2018

We are very proud of our students! For this year’s AGDA Student Design Awards, Shillington had 39 finalists and 9 distinctions—a big jump from the last two years. See the complete list of awards won by our Shillington students and graduates.

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Manchester Graduate Exhibition 13 December at 6:00pm
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Graduate Exhibition 14 December at 6:00pm
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Full-time classes start 14 January

Part-time classes start 6 February

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