Ben Grandgenett, Deputy Art Director at The New York Times Magazine

Ben Grandgenett came in for a guest lecture at the #ShilloNY campus and talked about his path to becoming an art director and his custom typographic work.

10 Commandments of Getting Paid

Anna Dower is an entrepreneur and mentor who empowers creatives and their businesses. She shares her words of wisdom to ensure freelancers get paid.

Cossette #ILoveTheseGuys

Check out the latest in our #ILoveTheseGuys series with a mention of Cossette from #ShilloNY student LiSun Francisco.

Ani Monteleone, Designer at The Wall Street Journal

#ShilloNY graduate Ani Monteleone has been very busy since graduating 2 years ago! Read on to learn about her role at WSJ, the creatives she’s inspired by and being a singer for a rock band.

Sean Raynor, Designer at Watermark Studio

#ShilloNY graduate Sean Raynor graduated 7 years ago and since then has been specializing in packaging design for the spirits industry. Find out how the course built his skillset as a designer and his experience working at the studio.

Andy Wright, Managing Director of Streamtime

Andy Wright came to speak at the #ShilloSYD campus, where he talked about his design role at Streamtime, his inspiration to create a community for designers and career advice for creatives.


Shillington News

39 Shillington Finalists for AGDA Student Design Awards 2018

We are so proud of our graduates! Shillington received the highest number of finalists for the AGDA Student Design Awards from a single design school. We had 39 finalists with at least 5 in each category—identity, packaging, print, digital and craft.

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Info Sessions 7 November at 6:00pm
Full-time classes start 14 January
Part-time classes start 6 February

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