Zoran Lucić #ILoveTheseGuys

The poster designs of Zoran Lucić are distinct from many contemporary designer’s works. With a focus on playfulness yet functionalism with his text, and a strong vintage flavour to a lot of his work, Lucić breaks trends of contemporary design, taking a completely different approach to the norm and flipping it on its head.

His posters for a Lucha Libre pro wrestling foundation show this. Typically, the depiction of the bright colours and vivid designs like the wrestlers’ iconic masks dominates these designs. Contrary to this, Lucić uses no colour and builds typography heavy abstract designs around the wrestlers in a way that reflect their persona.

The way Zoran Lucić can take a concept buried in decades of design tropes and churn out something completely unique and fresh makes his work that much more memorable. Special mention for pairing a gangsta rap artist with hot pink typography and pulling it off!

Branding I Love These Guys

Submission by
Thomas Renn
January 6, 2018

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