A World Without Branding: Why it Would Never Work

21 January 2019

Can you imagine a world without branding? No? Us neither, but thanks to this talk by Rory Sutherland you don’t have to—it explores why a world without branding would never work.

Rory, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, will examine the vital role brands play in our society. He argues that for too long we have completely underestimated brands.

Misled by economic rationalists, who assume we live in a world of complete certainty, perfect trust and perfect information, we tend to see them as a little bit of optional magic-dust which adds a little perceived sizzle to the true sausage of product or service utility. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brands, and the feedback and commitment mechanisms they enable, are essential to the functioning of an innovative and effective economy, and to the emergent intelligence of markets.

Yet the world is full of people who don’t want to acknowledge their importance of brands—not only our old enemies among economists and communists, but increasingly our new hyper-rationalist overlords in Silicon Valley.

The talk is part of the Museum of Brand’s ‘Can Marketing Save Lives?‘ speaker series.

Monday 21 January, 6:30—9:00pm

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