Let’s be real. Teachers are often unsung heroes, but we all remember the good ones. The brilliant mentors who go above and beyond, challenge their students and serve as a tireless source of encouragement. At Shillington, we only employ practicing graphic designers who create a classroom environment bursting at the seams with creative energy. It’s design education turned upside down.

Have a read through these ten reasons Shillington full-time and part-time teachers from around the globe—from Sydney to London to New York—love to teach graphic design.

1. “To be honest, I wouldn’t teach just anywhere—it’s the Shillington approach that I love. We operate the classroom like a design studio, focusing on positive culture, design thinking and the most up to date technical skills to our industry. I love the challenge of showing people where to look—not how to see—in order to bring out their individual best. I also love being surrounded by passionate and talented junior designers (my students) and some of the best senior designers and art directors (my colleagues).” Tia Queen, part-time teacher at Shillington Brisbane

2. “Teaching is honestly the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my career. Being able to help each student achieve their personal goals holds a special place in my heart. Having been through design courses and working in studios, I love to share my experience with each and every student.” Saxon Campbell, part-time teacher at Shillington New York

Teaching is honestly the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my career.

3. “I love to draw the best from people and create environments where students are at ease. Design should be fun, it’s creative and we should be drawing from imagination and freedom when we create. I love that I get to command an environment where students can fail, learn, try again, and succeed. It’s incredibly cool to see someone so proud of what they’ve designed!” Sam Wilson, part-time teacher at Shillington Sydney

4. “I teach because it’s nice to be able to pass on what I have learnt so far and by teaching, I’ve found that I’ve learnt so much in terms of my own design and process—it definitely keeps you on your toes! Over the last 4 years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some incredible people who have been brave enough to embark on the Shillington journey. I feel very honoured that I have been part of their design career and I get so much satisfaction out of seeing nice people do well in life.” Jen Dennis, part-time teacher at Shillington London

5. “I teach because I love learning on all levels. There is nothing more gratifying than when the light of recognition goes off, whether that’s in a student or in myself, in that moment of teaching.” Alana Cowan, part-time teacher at Shillington New York

6. “I have never felt more creative than when I’m teaching. There is something very special about a group of enthusiastic like-minded people coming together every day to live and breathe design. I am continually inspired and amazed. It’s also incredibly rewarding to watch a students journey from passionate onlooker to fierce designer.” Shanti Sparrow, Head of Teaching at Shillington New York

I have never felt more creative than when I’m teaching.

7. “A co-worker summed up my feelings on this perfectly—so I’m quoting her here—for me it’s about ‘sending the lift back down’. The first couple of years are testing, the hours can be long, the work hard and speaking up for your work even harder. Finding your footing can take a while and I’ve been fortunate to have people mentor me along the way. Being able to pass some of what I’ve learnt onto future designers to help them on their journey is important to me.” Glen Swart, part-time teacher at Shillington London

8. “The world is full of selfish people who don’t like to share ideas. It is also full of bad design. Teaching, for me, helps to bring back the balance by sharing my design knowledge, hopefully I can also help to better the standard of design in the world, at least a little bit. Also I am a huge believer in “everyday is a school day”. I never stop learning and teaching is a way for me to continue learning about the industry that I love because it is always evolving.” Ed Baptist, full-time teacher at Shillington Manchester

9. “It’s a special moment when you see the light in a student’s eyes go on once they figure out what design is all about. When they realize that all the hard work, sleepless nights, and missed social outings with friends are all worth it…that’s the moment that makes it all worth it, and that’s why I love teaching.” Nikita Prokhorov, full-time teacher at Shillington New York

10. “I love to teach as it’s amazing to see the impact you can make on someone’s life by helping them rediscover their creative side and hopefully make a career out of it also! It’s also a lot of fun to get to know the students throughout the year and see their personalities shine through their work!” Spencer Harrison, part-time teacher at Shillington Melbourne

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