It’s not every day that you get to see your favourite studio deliver an inspiring lecture—but we were all in for a treat when Verònica Fuerte, Founder of Hey Studio came to speak at Shillington London earlier this month. As part of our ongoing Shillumni event series Verònica spoke with an intimate audience of Shillington graduates from around the globe.

Throughout the evening Verònica covered topics titled; ‘Colour, Bold, Try, Food, Fun, Side’—each containing key elements of Hey Studio’s approach to design as well as their studio culture and creative outlook.

Verònica referenced particular projects Hey have embarked on that reflect these 5 points such as Barcelona’s Christmas branding, JNC Political branding, Arrels identity and Jammy Yummy packaging. As well as some much coveted personal projects EveryHey and YEH:Hey’s 10th Anniversary.

Here’s our 5 favourite quotes from Verònica’s talk;


1. “You need to have very good management to be able to work internationally, good management includes being good with timing and process. I love working in design but 50% is management and 50% is design, sometimes even 80% is management. Start a project with setting up good paperwork and then start the actual design. I’m very lucky as I work with a professional team and a good project manager.”

2. “Now that we’re 10 years old, we’re lucky as we have a good few clients but in the early years I did a lot of stuff I didn’t like as I need to pay salaries. I may not show all of this work on my website—but it’s all important. We’re a small studio so it’s easier to manage and decide more about the work you want to choose. We don’t physically knock on doors anymore but we do a lot of newsletters and exhibitions to promote ourselves. Also the side projects and personal designs are a good way of spreading our work and being more visible on social media”

3. “It’s more about your attitude than ability. If you come to Hey and you say you want to work hard and you have a good portfolio—that’s perfect.”

4. “Before founding Hey Studio, I worked in different studios in Barcalona for 7 years. I knew that I always wanted to do something personal—some people don’t have this feeling but I did. However I knew I needed to learn first before opening my own studio.”

5. “Digital is the future, it’s something we need to improve and something we’re aware of. However, the paper won’t disappear, I mean the products will be products, the marmalade won’t be digital—we need a box for these things. So if you’re good at this, then clients will approach you. Papers, prints need to be very well done. That’s the reason why I love working in print as it’s important not to loose the feeling attached to paper”

Massive thanks to Verònica for coming to speak at our London campus. Be sure to check out Hey’s Website, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. 

We’re very lucky to have welcomed some amazing design guests to our global campuses over the years. Have a look through the archives to discover some interviews, films and advice pieces.