(UK) The Graphics of Punk

Punk culture is soaked in lo-fi graphic design. From the DIY pin badges and expressive patches lining leather jackets, to the hand rendered artwork on posters and album covers. The passion and virality of punk graphics, has made it a rich contextual reference in graphic design with certain visuals (for example the Sex Pistols above) permeating popular culture references, even to this present day.

The Museum of Brands hosts the ‘graphics of punk’ exhibition which will include album work and posters from bands which spearheaded the punk movement such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Buzzcocks. It will also take a look at alternative magazines from the heyday of punk in the 1970’s, such as Oz, IT, and Spare Rib—renowned for their political awareness and condemned for their content which was deemed ‘obscene’ for the time. The punk aesthetic radiated amongst the pages of these early publications—pushing women’s liberation, abortion, squatters and the miner’s struggle, all heightened issues from the political climate of the time.

If you’re a fan of punk or just looking to learn about a different angle of design, definitely head down to The Museum of Brands for some inspiration.

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Exhibition runs until January 29, 2017