(UK) Drawing the Line Exhibition


Multidisciplinary design studio Northover&Brown have designed an exhibition like no other for the British Library. ‘Drawing the Line‘ deals with the subject matter of Cartography, specially 20th century maps. With a painstaking attention to detail they’ve truly managed to put visitors on the map, using mend-bending illusions painted throughout the gallery space. The floor is transformed into an illustrated canvas featuring illusory graphics such as steps, which disappear at a vanishing point. The whole space is considered within the theme of the exhibition to give the illusion of an opening map.

On speaking of their design of the space, Creative Director Mel Northover explains their intentions, “Placing the visitor onto a map immerses them in the experience and provides them with moments of surprise throughout the exhibition”.

Lose yourself in the beauty of cartography and be inspired by some exceptional environmental design at the British Library.

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Exhibition runs until March 1, 2017