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Communications Refresh / Contract / Paid
Trowbridge Wiltshire UK

We're reviewing and refreshing all external communications (print, digital, signage). We’re looking for an original, imaginative, values-led company or individual to lead this process.

Role Details

About the Project

This tender is part of a project of engagement and communication, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

In February, we began a public conversation. The results of this will inform this process. We are keen that the act of listening and responding – rather than just transmitting – is embedded into our communications going forward.

Our Brand

Central to the communications strategy is exploring and clarifying the identity of a complex and multifaceted organisation.

Everything is up for grabs – including our name. We also need to consider the established heritage of the building and how it is currently seen by users, and citizens more widely.

We would like an identity that is easy to recognise and can be applied to a diverse range of activity, as well as used in a variety of media.

Moreover, we’re committed to making our building accessible to those with disabilities. The branding and resulting strategy should address this.


We have identified three elements to our communications strategy:
• Digital
• Print
• Signage


The organisation has a confused digital presence, in large part due to the recent change in direction. In the autumn, we created a temporary website to give accurate, if incomplete, information.

A key part of this process will be a new website. We are keen to establish a dialogue with our users, and to enable them to communicate with one another. We want to give the feel of the building online, probably led by images and video.

Our digital communication is currently unstructured. We send out irregular e-newsletters to an unsegmented list. Our use of social media requires a strategy and action plan.

As part of this process, we expect a digital communication strategy and guidelines, including an e-newsletter template.


Historically, we’ve produced two brochures a year. We’re keen to do something similar, though are keen that whatever we create is to promote and celebrate the whole town, not just our building. We’re open to innovative ideas or reusing traditional techniques, such as creating a newspaper.

Our building is home to around thirty different groups. We have around 40 one-off events throughout the year and are looking to substantially increase these. Currently, each group and event is promoted distinctly. We’d like to create a coherent house style and frame, within which groups can easily insert their own content.


The building has no attached signage. A frequent comment is that people walk past the building not knowing what is happening inside. We’d like to create something which stands out against the historic building, something which gives a flavour of the activity inside and invites people in. Any external signage will have to be acceptable to planning and conservation officers for the local authority.

Internally, the building has retained signage from its use as a Magistrate’s Court. We’d like this to be revised and to reveal the range of activity within the building.

Skill/Attributes Required

This tender requires multiple skills, which we’re expecting may require a lead applicant to bring together a team to meet.

Technical skills are branding, web design, social media strategies.

We don’t have a dedicated communications team, so the company appointed would need to be skilled at working with people who are not specialists.

Apply/Respond by:

Send: CV/Resume

The full tender is available here:

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