(SYD) AGDA—Will Hudson (It’s Nice That)

For those who aren’t heading to DIA—Benja Harney: Studio Talk & Tour next Tuesday, we’ve got an AGDA event you don’t want to miss! 

Meet Will Hudson, founder of everyone’s favourite design blog It’s Nice That. Cosy up at Knox Street Bar with a cocktail and some some fries as Will takes you through a personally curated journey of his favourite work featured on It’s Nice That. 

Will is also the co-founder and director of Anyways (formerly INT Works), a creative agency with high profile clients that include Google, Nike, Uniqlo and ASOS.

Don’t miss your chance to pick the brain of one of our industry’s champion for creative inspiration!

Find all the event info you need here.

Tuesday, 7th March at 6pm in Sydney.