Submit to Indigo Design Awards (31 January Deadline)

Design awards are a great opportunity for creatives to gain recognition for their work! By submitting projects to design blogs, awards and competitions, designers continue to challenge their skills and establish meaningful connections through networking with other industry pros. To get inspired, check out the design awards our graduates have won in the past! 

The entry deadline for the Indigo Design Awards is 31 January—so hurry to submit your best work! Projects have to be five years old or less and open to everyone globally at any stage of their career across a wide range of categories—from print to mobile, UX and UI. Submissions will also be promoted on the Indigo network and help to expand your global reach. Find out more about the entry requirements, benefits of submitting your work and the full list of categories.

-Indigo Award Winners from 2018

-Meet the jury

-Project categories


Dina Shirin
January 18, 2019

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