Side Project Sessions in New York

18 January 2019
New York

Side Project Sessions event logo

Side Project Sessions is a event series designed to help people put their labor of love—and themselves—first.

Personal projects can define our careers—but so often it can be difficult to find the time, motivation and confidence to get something started or keep up momentum. Whatever the block, the “peer-pressured productivity” format helps you create focus for the important work that can easily fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Whether it’s writing a novel or a resignation letter, starting an illustration series or sending one email, Side Project Sessions welcomes any project, task or idea—big or small!

Join the New York local chapter hosting this three-hour work session where you’ll learn to celebrate the process as much as the outcome, the break as much as the flow and the solitude as much as the connection.

The event takes place from 10:30am—2:00pm on Saturday, 18 January at 49-51 Elizabeth Street

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Dina Shirin
January 16, 2020

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