It’s been a big year for Shillington Design Blog. Thanks so much for following along—our students and readers like you are what keep us going! To celebrate the end of 2017, here’s a round-up of our 17 most popular blog posts of the year.

Curious about the past two years? Check out Top 16 Posts of 2016 and Top 15 Posts of 2015.

17. 85 of the Best Instagram Accounts for Typography Lovers

If typography floats your boat, then prepare yourself for the ultimate list of recommended Instagram accounts to follow. Our suggestions (compiled with the help our design teachers at Shillington) will satisfy your daily typography fix. Give them some love with a follow and be prepared to be blown away.

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16. New Video! Adrian Shaughnessy at Shillington London

Watch video of design legend Adrian Shaughnessy (author of How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul) in action at Shillington London!

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15. 10 Best Creative Cities to Live, Work and Play


We’ve come up with 10 of the world’s most creative cities to live, work and play. The final list is based on a range of factors—from the quality of life and cultural options to the number of creative agencies and local attractions, we’ve tried to consider every angle. Our chosen 10 may surprise you. So roll up your sleeves, dust off your passport and prepare to embrace a new adventure or career in one of our recommended creative cities, potentially miles from home.

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14. Design Interview Tips: Before, During and After

We enlisted UK Director Sarah McHugh (14+ years experience!) to curate a graphic designer’s interview guide and she didn’t disappoint. Starting with steps to take before the interview, to how to behave during and the best approach to take afterwards she’s covered everything a designer needs to ace their interview.

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13. 10 Favourite Italian Creatives

You can’t get much slicker than the Italians. Pizza, fashion, culture, breathtaking landscapes and sports cars—they’ve nailed the lot. Well guess what? They’re pretty awesome at graphic design too and to celebrate we’ve selected our 10 favourite Italian creatives.

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12. 16 Amazing Business Card Designs From Some of the World’s Best Designers

As part of your latest identity project, you’ve got a business card to design. You need inspiration. And you need it fast. This is where you’ll find comfort (or dread) in discovering some of the best business card designs out there, from some of the world’s leading designers and studios, hand-selected by our Shillington design teachers. Prepare yourself for this sweet 16 rundown of our favourites.

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11. 17 Shillington Finalists for AGDA 2017

Seventeen #MadeAtShillington student projects were hand-selected by the official judging panel. This marks a big jump in recognition since 10 Finalists in for the AGDA Student Awards 2016. It’s a true testament to our students’ creativity and hard work, the expertise and mentorship of our teachers and Shillington’s leadership for pushing our design curriculum to consistently improve and keep up-to-date with industry.

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10. Unbiased Shillington Reviews

Check out 11 new Google and Yelp reviews of our graphic design course from campuses around the globe: New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hear about their experiences, tips for prospective students and how studying at Shillington changed their careers and lives.

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9. Twitter Accounts for Designers on the Job Hunt

To make the curation process easier, for all those new to Twitter, or those sitting with a dormant account and an egg for a picture (raise your hand), we’ve compiled 25 Twitter accounts which serve up design opportunities on a daily basis. The job hunt has never been easier.

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8. 20 Must Have Gadgets for Designers

As designers, we’ll always need certain tools and resources to get the job done. Our own Shillington teachers and students couldn’t get by without pen and paper, a computer and the Adobe Creative Suite. But what about all the non-essential fun stuff? The kind of gadgets that we don’t really need but would love to play with? If you love to experiment with the latest technology and push your design skills to the limit, these 20 hi-tech toys are sure to inspire and enhance your creativity in brand new ways.

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7. 20 Shillington Student Packaging Designs You Wish Existed

For those of you who appreciate labels, wrapping and containers for the things we love to buy and consume, this collection of student packaging designs will be something you wish was real. Created and dreamed up by our own students at Shillington, we’ve hand-picked a few excellent examples for you to be inspired by.

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6. What I Wish Someone Told Me before Becoming a Designer

We spoke to some of Shillington’s own teachers and graduates to find out what they wish someone had told them before becoming a graphic designer. From finding confidence and knowing when to speak up to accepting criticism and confronting fears, this is an essential read if you’re about to take the plunge.

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5. 10 Reasons to Begin a Graphic Design Career

If you’re feeling stuck in your current job and looking to make a career change, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to make the switch but would like a little more information about whether a career in design is for you, consider the following 10 reasons to become a graphic designer.

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4. Checklist to Become an Employable Graphic Designer

Newsflash! You don’t need a university degree to build an amazing career in design. In the design world, employability is all about your graphic design portfolio, your proficiency, your process and your persistence. But what do you definitely need to get a career in design? Here’s our complete checklist, supported with quotes by creative recruiters from around the world at Creative Circle (New York), Creative Resource (United Kingdom), Become (Global), Creative Recruitment (United Kingdom), Represent (United Kingdom) and The Creative Store (Australia). Read on to discover what’s required to be employed as a graphic designer, and how Shillington fully prepares graduates to confidently apply for design jobs.

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3. 100 Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Graphic Designers

Pinterest allows us to find, curate, save and share inspiring bits and bobs that we discover on our virtual travels. But the problem is, who to follow? Allow us to help. At Shillington, we’ve pulled together the following list of 100 top Pinterest accounts for graphic design inspiration. With our suggestions, you’ll enrich your own boards in no time.

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2. 50 Essential Free Resources for Graphic Designers

We asked our Shillington teachers, who are all practising designers, to help us put together this refreshed list of 50 essential resources for graphic designers. There’s nothing better than a freebie!

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1. 50 Best Design Blogs You Have to Read in 2017

As designers we find inspiration everywhere. When we’re out and about, in books and magazines, galleries and exhibitions—and, of course, on the internet. But to save you wading through the rough to find the diamonds, we put together 50 of the best design blogs that you have to check out in 2017

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Happy almost New Year, everyone! Keep your eyes on the blog in 2018, when we’ll be unveiling a brand new look.