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Shillington Design Safari Update from Connie (December 2016)

Time for a check in on Connie Leung, the lucky Shillington graduate who won our Shillington Design Safari—the paid work opportunity to intern with Seesaw in Melbourne and then become a full-time designer with The School of St. Jude in Arusha, Tanzania.

After two months, the Seesaw team is sad to see her go! Tess Younger says: “We are going to miss Connie so much! St Jude’s is going to adore her. We are thrilled with where she is taking the brand and in awe of her incredible talent.”

Read on to hear Connie’s lessons from working at Seesaw—sprinkled with pictures from her internship, including a “dogssistant”.

It’s exactly the last day of two months working at a branding studio and here are the new things I learned:

  • More often than not, clients know little about the design process and won’t know how to articulate direction. Most of my friends and acquaintances are artists and designers, so working with clients forces me to think from their perspective. I find this part of the process challenging, but really satisfying when it works out in the end.


  • Working effectively depends heavily on trust. An important part of a designer’s job is reassuring the client that they have their best interest in heart. Letting the client see all the steps to the finished product is a great way to check in on how they feel where the direction of the image is going.

  • A rebrand is more than a superficial update. When a client such as St. Jude’s already has a brand and logo mark, we’re working on the clarity of message that the previous branding may not have achieved as effectively. At the end of the day, a brand should communicate the values of an organization or business as immediately as possible.
  • Variety makes for a better designer. After working on St Jude’s for a month, I knew I needed to do other work since the rebranding of the material is such an extensive job. I started taking on freelance work on the side, and it’s helped keep my mind refreshed so I can keep going.
  • The best studios have dogs, coffee, and alcohol! Seesaw takes the time to unwind and talk to each other during breaks, lunch, and after work. It’s hardly ever just one single designer working per project; having good communication and respect for each other’s work factors into the success of the design.

See you in Tanzania!

Thanks for the update, Connie. We can’t wait to follow your Tanzania adventures in 2017.


Sara Mazzoni
December 15, 2016

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