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6 Ways to Recharge Your Creative Mojo—Smack Bang Designs

Creative-BatteriesCreative minds need to refuel to stay sharp. When we’re tired and stressed, we can easily become burnt out from having found the limits of our creativity. Being creative on demand is hard, but it’s even harder when you’ve run out of gas and are stranded in the middle of a creatively parched desert trying to balance conflicting needs.

No lightbulbs shining above your head? No spark to your ignition? If you’re stuck or feeling burnt out, here are my 6 road-tested ways to recharge your creative mojo:

Move Your Butt
Your brain changes its chemistry when you exercise, so it’s the best thing to do when you’ve hit the slump.

Do some star jumps, get a bit sweaty and then get back to being creative.

You’ll be able to get back into the groove with a fresh perspective. The best thing about exercise is that it’s addictive: the more you do, the more you want to do. Seriously, it’s like crack. Get into it. The exercise I mean… crack is whack.

Feng Shui is a Thing
They say a change is as good as a holiday, and although shifting your furniture from one side of the room to another isn’t exactly going to transport you to sunny Tahiti, it may just be the refresh you need. Take the afternoon off and give your space a good spruce. Rethink the layout and treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers. Better yet, reward yourself with a brand spankin’ new plant friend. Giving your environment a good makeover can shake the cobwebs out of your brain and energise you again.

Bask in the Glow
If you need a creative boost, try zapping some energy from the big yellow guy in the sky. One of my fave things to do is to take 5 minutes out of my day to sit still with the sun on my face, feel the warm glow on my skin and taste the Vitamin D as it floods through my veins.

Raise the Bar
Who doesn’t love setting new goals and dreams? It’s like fresh new sheets waiting to be snuggled in or a new mag in the post that you can’t wait to strip out of its envelope and get your nose into. Creating a renewed hope in the future renews your energy, refreshes your mental space and refuels your life. Developing new mental pictures of happiness and success creates new neural pathways in your brain, freeing up some of those much-overworked brain cells.

Tickle Your Funny Bone
If you’re on the hunt for more creativity, bypass the banter and skip the put-downs in an effort to bring more LOLs into your life. Laughter really is a necessary drug. Your face contorts like a circus clown, your eyes water, your belly hurts and your mood shoots through the roof. There are no drawbacks to a good laugh, unless of course it’s at a funeral or half-way through your Grandma’s tragic tale.

Get Some Z’s
Keith Richards famously woke up with the riff to “(I can’t get no) satisfaction” in his head. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend all of Keith’s methods for getting ‘creative’, his sleep idea does have some merit to it. Sleep is good – very, very good for you.

You need REM sleep and deep sleep to recharge and refresh your mind to get those ‘light bulbs’ flashing.

Some of us tend to forget that just like food, rest is actually compulsory for our survival.

Creativity is a gift – it is openly accessible, but often not appropriately massaged. Finding your sweet spot is the antidote to the creative wasteland that occasionally plagues us. Hopefully the above tips will help bolster you right out of that barren zone of inactivity and into a new wave of creative genius. Go forth and create!

This post was originally published on Smack Bang Designs

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