#ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Peter Mendelsund

Shillington students from around the world share the work of creatives who inspire them in the #ILoveTheseGuys series. In this post, New York graduate Jennifer Yoo highlights her favourite projects from book cover designer Peter Mendelsund.

Peter Mendelsund has done it all—he’s worked as a dishwasher, a bookseller, a butler, a pianist, chicken farmer, teacher, cover designer, house painter, commercial composer, branding consultant, & writer. He’s also worked as an art director for the publisher Alfred A. Knopf, and is currently leading the redesign of The Atlantic magazine while also working on his second book, The Delivery.

His book covers for Dostoevsky are a brilliant and harmonious mix of tracking, leading, font weights, font types, and styles. They meld together like a symphony and this may be inspired from his training as a concert pianist.

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Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas I Love These Guys US

Submission by
Jennifer Yoo
New York
March 11, 2019

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