(NY) Mapping, Typography and Storytelling

Maps are some of the most carefully designed objects, often blending utility and beauty seamlessly. The type on a map has higher stakes than type elsewhere — it represents a real three-dimensional world in two-dimensional space. Type is crucial to if a map succeeds, and the type systems of maps can be incredibly rigid, complex, and intricate. But the relationship between the type and the rest of the map is often taken for granted.

The New York Times employs professional designers and cartographers who are journalists in their own right. They do original reporting and writing, and think deeply about form, layout, interaction and type, effectively making aesthetic decisions that double as journalistic ones. Join Larry Buchanan, a graphics editor at The Times, for an evening of maps, type and the stories they create in tandem.

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Thursday 18 May 2017 6:30-8:30PM.