New Video! “What Shillington Means to Me” by Graduate Tommy Higgs

How amazing is Shillington Melbourne graduate Tommy Higgs‘s runner-up entry for Shillington Education’s #Shillumni Competition? We were blown away by his handmade approach and video skills. Click ‘play’ to hear all about his creative journey—and hope to travel from The Apple Isle (Tasmania) to the Big Apple (New York City).

“When I was young I always wanted a career where I could create “stuff” for people to take something away from e.g. a idea, memory enjoyment etc. Before Shillington I worked in retail after finding it impossible to make a living from a creative career. As someone who can’t compartmentalise—my job and life are one in the same—I was unhappy and had given up on my design aspirations.”

Shillington was an important turning point for my life. It launched me in a new direction.

“I learnt new skills, made friends and learnt how hard work and get you a successful design career. I currently happily run my own business (soon to be two) and get to make beautiful, functions l things for people to enjoy.”

Visit Tommy’s website and follow him on Instagram via @studiobacon and @vanadiumdesign

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