New Video! “What Shillington Means to Me” by Graduate Ashlee Kim

Be prepared to have your heart strings pulled by Shillington Manchester graduate Ashlee Kim’s runner-up entry for Shillington Education’s #Shillumni Competition. We were truly touched by her scrap book style video, a visual compilation of her journey from Canada to study in Manchester and life afterwards. Throughout her time on the course Ashlee kept a diary which we previously shared on the blog! 

“It’s about 1:30am and I’ve been on Photoshop for the last 4 hours, but to be honest it feels like maybe a total of 20 minutes. That’s what Shillington did for me; it’s made time go by so fast because I’m enjoying every second of it.”

You have made me feel alive and confident with a career that I once doubted.

“You’ve seen my portfolio and all the fancy filters, but here’s a video to show you my life behind the scenes and how you encouraged me to own every part of it.”

Visit Ashlee’s website and follow her on Instagram via @ashleedayna

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