Nate Harris #ILoveTheseGuys

Nate Harris is a graphic artist from Philadelphia that specialises in woodworking, printmaking and illustration. His artwork is bold, intricate, and undeniably eye catching.

I first came across his work through a collection of music festival posters he created on the Creative Allies website. Each poster is distinctly different, but utterly captivating. I love that each piece is so bold even though they all use very moderate colour palettes, and the painstaking detail used in each poster leaves you finding new aspects every time you look at them. Completely different from the music festival posters I’m used to seeing in Australia, I think what I love the most about this collection is that they look more like illustrative works of art than festival posters, but are still engaging and quirky enough to feel appropriate for a music festival.

I Love These Guys Inspiration

Submission by
Ashleigh Jacobsen
December 12, 2017

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