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We’re on the lookout for an experienced graphic designer and self-confessed marketing nerd!

"We believe there is more to design than just making things pretty. We believe in strategic design. Design that inspires action and geared for results."

Role Details

Dear Marketing Focused Designer,

Do you believe that design is much more than making things look good – but instead about communicating a message, a belief, a strategy, a feeling?

Great! Because that’s what we’re here to do.

We are seeking someone who has the “left-brain” ability to study trends, analyse data & results, and reverse engineer competitors’ ads, as well as the “right-brain” ability to take that info and transform it into a thoughtful, functional, effective, (and darn beautiful) pieces of creative!

How would you like to work for:
– A company that shares your passion for design and marketing?
– A company where you can make a real difference!
– Where you’re much more than just a number?
– Where you actually love what you do and enjoy going to work?
– Work where there’s a huge opportunity for both professional & personal growth?
– Where you can take ownership of a brands voice & identity
– And, more importantly where the team shares your passion for design and pushes your creative boundaries.

If you’ve always wanted to grow a brand, take ownership of design and creative direction, and have fun while doing it, this could be your dream role!

We’re looking for a conversion-focused graphic designer who quote-un-quote “gets it”. Someone who understands how tone, content, and positioning need to change throughout a sales funnel. Someone who’s quick-witted, punny personality perfectly aligns with the brand’s already established tone.

Before you learn more about the opportunity, I should probably introduce myself…

Who am I?
I’m the growth-focused co-founder of Mister Jones, a fast-growing e-commerce business well on its way to becoming a globally recognised brand.

Prior to going “all in” on the idea of Mister Jones I’d spent 10+ years climbing the corporate ladder, only to realise that once I neared the top, the ladder I was hastily climbing was propped against the wrong wall…

Long commutes, politics & stupidly long hours – enough was enough.

Half an MBA, 50+ best selling business books, and 100’s of podcasts later, Mister Jones was born.

Starting from our dining room table in 2017, Mister Jones has grown into a truly amazing brand that is committed to helping women feel their best. Nearly 3 years on, our small but mighty team of 5 is ready to welcome a new member to the family.

Our vision for Mister Jones is to create a company where people want to work because they enjoy what they do and that their work helps to bring real tangible value to our customers’ lives.

Enough about me, here’s the opportunity:
This role is much, much, more than features and benefits…

It’s about connecting with audiences, sharing valuable content, and shifting paradigms in how they think about health, wellness & themselves.

It is as much about the message as it is about the design – and you’ll own both.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for creating content that; connects, educates, inspires, and sells. From images to long-form explainer videos and everything in between – you will be our in-house visual content queen (or king).

You’ll understand how to interpret data and adjust your style as needed to achieve the desired result.

You will first-hand see (& do) what it takes to build a successful global business.

You’ll be assigned a broad range of projects to take ownership of.

You’ll be mentored & coached both by our in-house team as well as being offered world-class niche-specific training.

Who this job is not for:
– Someone who thinks their 💩doesn’t stink – we’re all human!
– Someone who is only motivated by a boss telling him or her to work harder
– Someone who doesn’t believe that how you feel on the inside directly correlates with how you perform in life and business.

A day in the life of our Marketing Focused Designer:

A typical day in this role will begin with coffee, followed by coffee… and more coffee.

Once sufficiently caffeinated you’ll blend digital marketing and design better than a labradoodle!

Digital Marketing (aka the Labrador)

Marketing strategy: Your playful, fun, and energetic nature will radiate through in brainstorming strategy sessions. You’ll have plenty of ideas to bring to the table.

Data analysis & analytics: You’ll be diving into the data daily, extracting insights as to what’s working, and applying those insights to future projects.

Creative strategy: Applying the insights from data, you’ll then ideate and pitch ideas for new creative projects; from general ads to full-length funnels.

Conversion Focused Designs aka CRO: The marketer inside you will know the importance of content hierarchy and the designer in you will know how to make it look good.

Copywriting: You’ll be crafting headlines and copy to accompany your beautifully produced creations. You‘ll need to know how to write with personality and avoid robot talk like “The time to shop is now” 🤖 Your copy will talk to the prospect’s needs, pains, wants and desires while sounding like a friend as opposed to a sleazy car salesman. A playful, fun-loving tone must come naturally. You’ll be writing ad copy for paid social and not so much blogs, sales letters, etc.

Most importantly, you will be eager to learn and will relish the challenge to learn and implement new tools and sales channels such as; chatbots, affiliate programs, youtube, podcasts, etc.

Design (aka the Poodle)

Being the adventurous creative you are, you’re skills aren’t limited to only making impactful designs, you’ll also be able to do… well… just about anything you put your mind to!

Graphic design: You’ll be able to make world-class digital and print designs Illustrations: You won’t be afraid of getting pen to paper (or to screen) to add some organic personalised elements

Video editing: You won’t be producing full-length feature films, but you will know your way around Premiere Pro and know how to make great ads that feel right at home on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Web design: You’ll have an understanding of CRO principles and will be confident in creating beautiful web pages using drag and drop tools.

Print & Packaging (Bonus): It would be an added bonus if you were skilled in print & packaging design!

Project Management
Like any good crossbreed, there’s always a hint of something else no one is able to pinpoint… In this case, it’s project management.

In this role, there will be times where you might not have the time or niche-specific skills to execute, so you’ll need to manage an external team of freelancers, agencies, photographers, etc to get the job done to your high standards.

This role is best suited to a creative all-rounder who enjoys everything digital marketing; from campaign strategy, copywriting, content creation, execution, and more.

Side note: If you’re missing one (or a few) of the role’s core skills don’t stress! No one knows everything and we believe in investing in people with on-going training and education. Simply address where you feel you lack confidence in your application. We value intent over output every day of the week!

The future:
This role has the very real possibility of evolving into our future creative director.

About you:
Above all else, you will have a can-do attitude where nothing is too hard or unachievable!

You love learning and developing new skills as a marketer, designer, copywriter, and all-around digital guru!

You’ll understand that marketing is everything the customer sees from Facebook ads to packaging.

In this remote (work from home) role, you’ll able to work independently and as well as part of a team via online tools like Slack & Zoom, etc.

To be successful in this role you’ll be highly organised and have excellent written & verbal communication.

We hire the best, regardless of their location:
This is a virtual (work from home) role where you will be measured by output and performance as opposed to hours.

You can work from anywhere in the world providing that you have the right hardware and a fast, stable internet connection.

More specifics about this role:
– This role is a full-time position based on 38 hours per week.
– Remuneration will be based on the individual applicant’s experience
– Equipment: You will have your own physical hardware to allow you to successfully partake in the role.
– We will provide all of the required software.
– As a remote team member (working from home) you’ll have a suitable space to work from and enjoy working independently but also as part of a team.
– You’ll also have the freedom to work hours that suit your lifestyle.
– Future growth: This is a really exciting role with a lot of scope for future growth.

If this role excites you, we’d love to see your application!

Skill/Attributes Required

We’re looking for someone who…
– Can think strategically, write creatively, design amazingly, and execute with perfection
– Is a designer first, marketer second. (You must be fluent in all things design)
– Understands (& is obsessed with) digital marketing.
– Loves connecting the dots between beautiful designs and marketing results
– You’re a pro in Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Premier, XD, After effects, etc.
– Is a self-confessed marketing nerd and love all things marketing!
– Can roll up their sleeves to get 💩 done
– Is at least a B-grade copywriter – you must be able to sling a sentence together with specific intention & our tone of voice in mind
– Can execute a brief just as good as writing one of their own
Manage external parties (freelancers, agencies, etc) to achieve the desired outcome
– Is a good human (critically important)
– Doesn’t settle for mediocre
– Can employ their empathy & get inside our audiences psyche
– Has always been a “tech person”
– Is a self-starter who won’t take no for an answer
– Can interpret data to guide strategic decision making
– Can juggle multiple projects at once with a smile
– Is a finisher. Do you hate leaving projects unfinished?

Bonus skills:
– Intermediate understanding of natural medicine / how the body works
– Is genuinely passionate about health and sharing their knowledge with others
– Knows a thing or two about media-buying and how to interpret data in ads manager & google analytics
– Has experience designing within Klayvio
– Has experience designing print & packaging

Apply/Respond by:

Send: CV/Resume

1) Write a COVER LETTER addressing the following questions:

A) Why are you the “Marketing Focused Designer” we’re looking for?

B) Explain what you're doing work now and why you’re looking elsewhere.

C) Provide your design portfolio

2) Create one PDF that contains your custom cover letter, resume and a portfolio of the work you're most proud of.
Cover letter first, resume second, followed by your portfolio all in the one PDF document.

3) Complete this questionnaire: click here to complete the questionnaire

4) Email your custom cover letter, resume and portfolio to dreamjob@misterjoneshealth.com
Ensure your email body includes the response to question A from your custom cover letter.

*PS: Use the subject line “[Full_Name], the designer you need”

Our Hiring Process:
Round 1) Submit resume, cover letter, portfolio and questionnaire
Applications close: January 8, 2021

Round 2) Successful applicants will be asked to submit a short video answering a few more questions

Round 3) Successful applicants will be asked to pitch a few ideas in an interview.

We’ll respond to all applicants in due course. Please do not follow-up as our customer support team are already swamped!


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