(MEL) Exhibition: OUT OF SIGHT by Lawrence Weiner

The NGV presents American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner’s latest installation OUT OF SIGHT, a participatory hopscotch-inspired artwork that aims to inspire and engage through positive visualisation.

Well known for his signature text-based artworks that use language as a form of sculpture, Lawrence Weiner replaces traditional material with ideas. Weiner’s artworks exist as language, and he pays careful attention to the presentation of the works—from the size of the font, the surface texture to placement of the lettering. He’s even created his own fonts in the process, which can be seen on the walls and windows of galleries, public spaces, as well as in print and online.

Taking his visual language to a new dimension, OUT OF SIGHT takes the form of a game that invites viewers to engage with Weiner’s work through motion.

Don’t miss out! Hop by this weekend.

Exhibition closes Monday, 17th April in Melbourne.