(MEL) Copywriting for Small Business, Sole Traders and Lone Rangers at Work-Shop

Great designers have a keen understanding of tone of voice. Want to learn more about copywriting? Sign up for Work-Shop’s upcoming event, Copywriting for Small Business, Sole Traders and Lone Rangers.

It’s easy to establish a personal connection with a customer when you’re a living, breathing human behind a counter – but when your storefront is the internet, it gets a whole lot harder.

In this two hour workshop run by Tait Ischia, you’ll make the first steps to becoming a copywriter. You’ll learn the basics of copywriting, the grammatical rules and tools specific to writing copy, then workshop your ideas in an inclusive group session.

It’ll be fast, fun, practical and full of useful information you can apply in your daily work.

Learn more and book your spot!

Tuesday, 21 November at 6:30pm in Melbourne


Sara Mazzoni
November 7, 2017

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